Megaupload File Sharing Site Shut Down By FBI, Swizz Beatz Investigated

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Federal prosecutors have pulled the plug on Megaupload, a massive file sharing operation allegedly helmed by Alicia Keys' husband, producer Swizz Beatz.

Four executives were arrested in New Zealand and an indictment charging seven people with content piracy causing $500 million in losses was issued.

The indictment prompted hackers to seek immediate cyber revenge, with the shadowy Anonymous group claiming it crippled the Department of Justice.

The government site was inaccessible for hours Thursday.

Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys

"The Department is working to ensure the website is available while we investigate the origins of this activity, which will be treated as a malicious act until we are able to fully identify the root cause of the disruption," said spokesman Laura Sweeney.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) said it was also hacked in retaliation for Megaupload being shut down, but was back up Thursday night.

Beatz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, was not named in the government's five-count indictment, despite being listed by Megaupload as its CEO.

The Beatz-master, who married Alicia Keys in 2010, was in recent talks to take a high-powered job at Megaupload, but a final deal was not reached.

Probably for the best in his case.

"He was in conversations to be named CEO," lawyer Ira P. Rothken said. "His involvement in the company was highly attenuated. There were discussions and he was involved in a promotional video and in brainstorming future projects."

Swizz Beatz's association with the cloud sharing site surfaced only recently after he and buddies Sean "Diddy" Combs, Kanye West and touted the site in a video that prompted backlash from the artists' label, Universal Music Group.

The four-minute clip, part of Megaupload's recent December 9 relaunch, was all original material and not subject to ownership by UMG, Rothken said.

The government's 72-page indictment, which alleges copyright infringement as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering and racketeering, claims Megaupload rewards people who uploaded pirated content and turned a blind eye to copyright claims.

The case comes just days after the SOPA blackout signified the ongoing legal battle between corporations' copyright claims and Internet freedom.

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Big Brother, The F.B.I,ICE and so on are all breaking the conitution and taking our freedom. I agree that our gov. is becoming like N. Korea or China...soon we'll have barcodes on us so they can so called protect our homeland security from terrorits.BS!


I definitely have to agree that there were also lots of people who used Megaupload filesharing site to store their legitimate personal files and used it as a filelocker for easier access to their data anywhere. Such a shame megaupload got itself dragged into this filesharing copyright infringing mess. But hey, what can you do? I think there are still plenty of filesharing sites that can be used as good alternatives to Megauload for accessing files anywhere. Btw since Megaupload alternatives are pretty sought after these days, I stumbled upon some interesting stuff round the internets. There was a talk about some alternative to megaupload from I didn't find out much, just that there will be launched sometimes soon some audials technology that's supposed to be the next big thing when it comes to Megaupload alternatives and filesharing. Did anyone else got any idea what's this new audials file sharing technology all about?


Disgusting behaviour by the U.S.,
The hackers have acted rightly for the people,
The U.S. has absolutely no right to interfere in these things,
They are becoming more like N. Korea by acting in this illegal,infantile way,


Disgusting behaaviour by the U.S.,
The hackers have acted rightly for the people,
The U.S. has absolutely no right to interfere in these things,
They are becoming more like N. Korea by acting in this illegal,infantile way,


Ahem, so Swizz even thought he was the CEO of Megaupload. Wonder who got him off this time? $$$$$$$$$ talks! OR he is the luckiest man ever.


I have sympathy for the little people who are always the ones affected in something like this. Sure the big names may get the 90% profit and consumers will pay and get to see their movies or listen to their songs, but what about the unknown people who are involved in the hitmaking process. The ones that have no dealing with sites like Megaupload. It's the sites like Megaupload and the big names who are getting the $$$$$$$$$. Piracy should be stopped. It only benefits the rich by making them richer.


It's hard to have sympathy for Hollywood and the Music Industry. They are so overpaid for the garbage they produce. Somehow with all the piracy they can afford to pay a movie star $20 million to do a lousy movie. Somehow on TV they can pay an actor $1 million per episode of a lousy sitcom. Somehow they can afford to pay huge bucks to a rapper artist.


@Thomas But who do they give back to? Just certain people and themselves? Why should Megaupload collect profits (I mean millions) for what other people work so hard to do? These are people who sit on their bottoms and push little buttons, then they're called a genius. A genious for figuring out a way to make theirself and their friends even more filthy rich.


I used megaupload quite a bit to upload open source files as well as poser, daz, etc content. I paid good money for the cloud storage capabilities of megaupload and stored a lot of content there so when needed it could be accessed. Today I am scrounging hard drives looking for files to recover which will take several day and a lot of work to do. Not one news article I have seen mentions the legal and practical use of the file sharing sites. Now those of use who use it legally are out of luck and missing hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of content and work. Because of a hard drive crash I am certain some of my files are missing and will have to try and find them or repurchase. Not all things about file sharing sites are bad however you would never know that listening to Hollywood and Big Brother.


The interesting thing is that the companies who use the FBI to shut down enterprises and lock up people in other countries invested millions in piracy without giving the artists anything while Megaupload gives back: