Kelly Clarkson Announces New Single, Pays Tribute to Etta James

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While Christina Aguilera had the floor during Etta James' funeral on Saturday, and used it to belt out a version of "At Last," former American Idol champion Kelly Clarkson paid tribute to the late, great artist in her own way last week, as well.

"This isn’t ‘At Last’ because everyone really covers that and so I wanted to do my favorite, actually," Kelly told a crown in New York City. "My favorite song is ‘I’d Rather Go Blind.’ So, this is for Etta!”

On Saturday night, meanwhile, during a performance in Pennsylvania, Clarkson also announced her next single, "I Forgive You." It will hit the radio any day now.

We can't wait!

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Gosh I hope "I Forgive You" is the next single! The whole album rocks but this is, by far, my favorite song on the album. I hope the rumors are true...IFY for Kelly's next single!!!




Also, the best songs on the album are 'Dark Side', 'What Doesn't Kill You', and "Let Me Down" (Which needs to be a single at some point) :)


Some other people who were at the concert said she didn't say anything about "I Forgive You" being the third single. And if it was the third single it would not be sent to radio any day now. Hell 'What Doesn't Kill You' was just sent to radio two weeks ago and is climbing the charts.


It is clearly the best song on the album! it has a great chorus and is so cute and all about young love which is really relatable


I love Kelly as a singer more than anyone but why they chose "I forgive you" as her third single is beyond me? That is the weakest song on her
CD! There are many more great songs than this one....maybe because it isn't a man basher. Why couldn"t they use "Hello" or her new ballad? I am very disappointed!