Guy Fends Off Burglars With Shovel

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What do you do if you hear two guys robbing your home?

Chase them out, then grab a shovel and JUMP IN FRONT OF THEIR CAR to stop them from leaving, if you're this brave, adrenaline-fueled Georgia resident.

Watch the local news report below, in which he details how he fended off, and ultimately helped police identify the suspects responsible for this home invasion.

His only weapons? A trusty shovel and some giant cojones:


Well now days if the polices are getting really lazy seems like we have to resort into tasking matters into our own hands..........what difference would it make because even if they are found guilty 2 or 3 days later they'd be set free without even learning a what stops them from striking again?????????? Well done to those who stands up for themselves and fend those horrible people called "burglars" !!!!!!!!!!!



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