Breaking Dawn Surpasses $700 Million in Box Office Haul, On Verge of Twilight Saga Crown

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It may have been the worst reviewed of all chapters in The Twilight Saga, but Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has successfully sought revenge at the box office:

The film blew past $700 million in global box office haul this weekend and, with receipts not even counted yet in Japan and China, will undoubtedly soon be crowned the highest-grossing installment in the franchise.

New Moon grossed $709.8 million during its run.

This exciting news comes just a few weeks before Breaking Dawn is released on DVD (February 11!) and also coincides with talk that the franchise could extend beyond part 2, which hits theaters on November 18.

Would you want to see The Twilight Saga continue?


You are such a hater! You are so sad! You have NO imagination!! The acting is amazing. No, I'm not a child like you! I am so tired of you little haters who have nothing better to do than put other people's fav movie down. This is a BLOCKBUSTER movie!!! And you are MAD! So you lie and say cruel things! You are so sad! In 10 yrs. us fans are going to be thinking, that is one of the Best movies we ever saw! It is untouchable! Jealous much?! This is a movie that will be a classic! Like it or not! Next time put one of your fav movies on here, so I can bash the hell out of it!


such bad acting!!!!!! 10 years from now when VH1 has 'i love 2011' we are all gonna be like 'wtf what were we thinking?!'

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