Tournament of THG: Lady Gaga vs. Ashton Kutcher!

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Welcome back to the Tournament of THG, where fans decide the most popular star of 2011. The concept is simple. Vote for your favorite of the two stars in each poll. Done.

In the first round, Katy Perry is throttling Courtney Stodden, while Kate and Pippa Middleton are out in front of Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen, respectively.

Lady Gaga, Blue Wig

Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus are still neck and neck, as are Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson. Voting remains open in those matchups as well, so have your say!

Your next contest: Ashton Kutcher vs. Lady Gaga! Both made news a lot this year, but only one can move on to the quarterfinals. Who do you like more? Vote!

And the Winner is?

Who's your favorite celeb, Ashton Kutcher or Lady Gaga? Your votes will decide the winner of this first round matchup in the first Annual Tournament of THG! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ashton Kutcher

Lady Gaga

Total Votes: 2758

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i like your singing


I do like both but I feel that I can relate to Asthon more because of his quirkiness.


Gaga is multi-talented... just as "skinny minny" wrote... Gaga writes her own music AND writes for others... is smart enough to know how to "work" the wild and unique costumes to entertain us... has a LEGION of fans... I do believe the woman knows what she's doing!


@roady you've got to be kidding me! Gaga is a friggin genius! She is the definition of a true artist. Gaga definitely wins in my book


@roady--really? Writes all her own music--and music for others--and top earning female artist this year. Oh, yes, she's doing horrible.


I'm voting for Lady Gaga. Even though I'm not a fan of her, I don't want to vote for a cheater.


Gaga IS GAGA which means what I said. She doesn't know how to dress, doesn't know how to sing or keep her business going. She's cheap and anybody can see that. Stop letting her go on stage PLEASE!


Gaga. Pure genius.


Lady gaga and selena gomez!


ela esta fashion demais