Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus: Are They Role Models?

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Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have very different sounds (country vs. pop); different looks (blonde vs. brunette); and different philosophies on where they stand as celebrities.

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    why is there so much hate on taylor swift?! I thought i was the only one who disliked her for being such a whore


    Taylor is fake! she used to be some fat ugly loser, shes a fame whore just like selena. Back off my Miley! Plus taylor is such a copy did you see her song trouble maker such a rip off of Rihanas we found love. And she looks weird in casual clothes tottes agree with this guy under my comment she is such a barbie girl


    taylor is a barbie girl, living in a barbie world


    Miley gets called a slut and a bitch everyday but she has been with the same guy for 3 years and is engaged with him. As for taylor she gets called sweet and elegant yet shes been with 14 different guys in 3 years. Thats twisted!

    @ suzieanderson

    me 3! taylor is always dating guys one after the other yet she still says in ellen that she doesn't want to be that girl who when she losses a boyfriend has to get another one and its just a constant line of boyfriends but want to find a rare type of love. Get real taylor your a female playa!

    @ suzieanderson

    so true, i love them both but recently Taylor is beginning to get really annoying shes always complaining and giving love advice to Selena when she herself never really secedes at it.


    Taylor and Miley are like A and D respectively.o


    Hi guys,,my comment is

    I'm here to vote for Miley Cyrus cuz' she's my Hollywood idol...everyday I get my Miley Cyrus book and I copy something their...

    @Miley,,I hope you'll have a concert here in Batangas City,Philippines!!as my wish could be real...

    As I know your birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus,,then the called you as "Smiley" cuz' your always smiling,,and then,,you grew up and change your name as Miley Cyrus and add Ray to be just like your daddy..

    Miley,,I love you very,,very,,much!!!!


    Neither one is, IMO. Well, Taylor is perfect for little girls and tweens, but after that...
    Miley is basically being a normal teenager and is acting her age. Seriously, most 18 year olds would have done the stuff she has too, or a lot worse.
    Taylor, I like more than Miley, but she is, as many people say, a little Miss Goody Two Shoes. Not that I'm saying that she should be caught in anuy sort of scandal or anything, but her not being in one is why people feel that she 'isn't real'.


    Taylor Swift is the better role model. I can't stand people saying Miley is just because Taylor isn't "real." What should Taylor do to prove that she is real? Smoke weed and become a slut? I'm not saying Miley is a slutty whore but she might become one, one day. Taylor isn't perfect and so is Miley but Taylor is the better role model.


    I hat people putting so much blame on Miley. Teach your kids how to behave instead of having them sit in front of the tv watching Jersey Shore. Parents are making their own kids fat and blaming restaurants. Just because you don't know how to parent or control urges, don't sue the restaurant. Duh. Freggin' think peoples. smh.


    she is muy bonita and sexy

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