Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves: Engaged!

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It's taken years of dating and a pair of children, but Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are finally engaged! How do we know? The actor himself Tweeted yesterday:

"Just asked Camila to marry me, #MerryChristmas."

Matthew McConaughey Engagement Photo

The Lincoln Lawyer star and model - 42 and 29, respectively - met in 2006 and have two adorable children together: three-year-old son Levi and 23-month old daughter Vida.

McConaughey included the photo above with his Tweet, which depicts the actor with very little hair, but a whole lot of heart. Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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Congratulations to Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey on their recent engagement. I wish them both a happy and blessed future.


To Steph: Camila has no education, I am 39 years and I am a Dr. of psychology and psychiatry and paranormal psychologist. Matthew don't like gay people whatsoever and would never marry one. I am the President of Straight Pride America and I am no "Wacko". I am the mother of his 10 year od twin daughters and Camila was never asked to marry him, she lied to the tabloids because Camila has schizophrenia and hears voices in her head.


Probably another 15 year engagement, or an eternal one.






Well it's about time Matthew!!! Congratulations!!! And to the wacko "Anderson".....Honey, Matthew asked for HER hand in marriage ....(not HIS) LOL. Secondly, I seriously DOUBT that Matthew has any ill feelings towards gays and lesbians(seeing as how he is a Hollywood actor) and he also doesn't seem to be the hating type....I am also possitive(without knowing Matthew personally) that he would only date a woman of intelligence! ......I can tell by your post that you are lacking of intelligence my dear....LOL! Your lack there of is almost offensive and reeks of cheap perfume(haha)




Camila Alves and Matthew Mcconaughey Engagement Ring Photos (Christmas Day 2011)


White men dicks look like raw meat! lol!!!!


I guess the kids are contributing to a possible marriage; Matthew loves Black women but he was always afraid of dating or being seen with one for fear that his precious career might be ruined.He is such a phoney, if he marries her it will not be for real; he's only playing to the media...........Be like DeNiro or Tarrentino they love Black women and they don't care what people say about them they flaunt, what they like.........Matthew tries to hide what he likes