Marcus Canty Sings a Song for X Factor Viewers

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Did Marcus Canty do enough last night to avoid another placement in the bottom two on this evening's X Factor results show?

The singer/dancer gave viewers twice the Marcus during an episode that featured a dance hit and a choice by each of the contestants. First up, Canty covered "Ain't Nobody." From there, it was on to "A Song For You" and mixed reaction from the panel.

Paula Abdul referred to Canty as a "storyteller," while Nicole Scherzinger said the second rendition reminded her of why she fell in love with him. Simon Cowell, however?

"It was good, I’m not jumping out of my chair. It was a bit boring," he said.

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To all the Nicole supporters..... Either way, If Marcus had out sang Rachel or vise versa, Nicole should not have gone into deadlock. She is SUPPOSED TO JUDGE based on the BEST PERFORMANCE!!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE SAVE ME SONG???? If these judges can't comply with that rule, then they need to take that part of the show out! Otherwise contestants will start developing "Astros" attitude and give shoddy performances!


Did anyone even notice that Marcus on performance night sang the wrong lyrics to the song titled "A Song For You"? Seriously? He continued to sing "a song TO you" during the song and as Simon always says, you have to get the lyrics right. On "sing for you life" night, I was mixed on who should go home until of course Rachel sang heads and tails better than Marcus. It should have been a no brainer, based on the sing off, which it should only have been based on. Why judge Nicole if you can't do it. The rules say the bottom two sing for their life. The judges are to base their judgement on that. Nicole did not. I say, kick her off and get someone else. Anyone could see Rachel although obviously emotional, sang her heart out and clearly did better than Marcus Canty...This was no more or no less than manipulating the show for Marcus Canty to remain in the running. I don't trust it anymore.


Marcus is Bullshit. His being at the bottom sooo many times. He deserves to go home. Sure he has the zest and enthusiasm so he can manage on his own!!!! His talented but I don't feel the vibe all I feel is loud songs. But Rachel now that's a talented person with vibes!!!!


To Marcus I have nothing but love for you so, the truth is your changes of being in the bottom 2 again is high. So please let God know in front of everyone in your save me song, sing a gospel song telling God thanks for how far he has brought you and know that he is in control not the people because they will let you down like Paula and Nicole did, after telling you to your face they support you encourage you and then turn on you. God will never do that to you. Give him the glory and let him shine through you. Remember what God has for you is for you!!!!! You have been tried and tested your new beginning will come. Trust in Gods word and smile you are a winner


X-Factor is suposed to be looking for that special talent - a whole package? And they keep two singers who aren't always on key? And get rid of one of the best all around? No way was Crow at the bottom in the viewer voting! It is more about stirring the pot than picking the best talent. Melanie or Josh should win, but won't! I WON'T be watching to see!


What is the point of the show, for the singers to sing their hearts out to the judges....TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!....When the judges take the easy way out of judging and go into deadlock?? Stevie Wonder could even see that Rachel sang circles around Marcus!! Marcus even knew it himself!


Here is my opinion. Rachel Crowe will do just fine, I am sure we will see and hear her all over the place. Her career is just beginning and she will have a great one. Marcus is just what is needed in the R&B genre. Regardless if he wins or not, he should do just fine. I truly hope L.A.Reid will work with Marcus and help him develop his talent and not leave him out there hanging. Marcus appears to be an humble and respectful young man, and this will take him far.


Why are people angry with Nicole. America voted for Marcus. Yes, rachael is 13 and she is talented but Marcus is also very talented. If you listen to some of Rachaels songs she was very flat on some of her notes. No one said anything negative because she is 13 and they did not want to hurt her feelings. Simone told Macus "he was going home" he never thought Rachael didn't have the votes. No one is safe. You have to vote for the person you like and America Voted for Marcus. Grow up people this is a competition it's not the end of the world. Rachael will make 5 million dollars with her 1st CD. Baby girl will be fine.


I thout Idol was bad..and America was on crack..noooooow I'm really CONCERNED over 1/2 the world is tone deaf..I mean really...I am seeing more supporters of Marcus than folk who really can hear...I'd like 2 know...what on earth..R the supporters hearing..or do u NOT know the songs he is singin?..Do u NOT know what their suppose 2 sound like??..Last I'd like 2know..DO-U-MARCUS-SUPPORTERS-NOT-HEAR THE-CRACKING-N-THIS-DUDE-VOICE..THE SCREECHING EVERY NOW AND AGAIN..WHEN HE SOUNDS LIKE HE IS WHINING INSTEAD OF SINGING?...DAAAAAAANG..I CAN'T BELIEVE SOOOOOOOOO MANY PPLE DEAF..!!.WOOOOOW..!!


That boy can NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT SING dog-on-it...PERIOD..!!