Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance Ad: Major Cleavage Alert!

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Now we understand why celebrity fragrances are such big sellers.

Madonna's newest ad for her Truth or Dare product, a sultry black-and-white campaign featuring the singer looking quite glamorous (and quite nude), is quite seductive.

And a little strange. That's Madonna's face next to Madonna:

Madonna Truth or Dare Ad

Truth or Dare? More like Truth or BARE!

While it has the appearance of being some sort of reflection shot, but clearly, the facial expressions on the Madonna photos do not sync upon closer inspection.

This is eerie, thought-provoking stuff.

Maybe one side conveys truth and the other dare? If so, which side is the one displaying the serious cleavage here? And can we get Britney Spears to do a similar ad next?


Reed sounds ghetto. Why so angry and bitter? We'll pray for you to find happiness.


Piss on me? I would hope not - Cockdiesel! WTF kind of " Handle is that" anyway! I'm guessing her "HIV" ass smells like yours- Just Like Diesel Fuel! Listen- Madonna came along at a time " Early 80's" when TV whores were a new trend! Her ass looks like she should be in a Casket- present time! What the Fu*k the Super Bowl is thinking getting her Ugly Ass on National TV is the Mystery of 2011. Is there anyone in North America that she hasn't Screwed besides me? I realize most of your Idols are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West but Your Stupidity is not and excuse to prop the HO up any longer!




Yet Heisenberg you are here reading about her and taking the time to comment. So what does that say about you? Im so amused by the small minds of a few. Her last tour was the highest grossing tour of any solo artist in history. She just signed a $120 million dollar contract with Live nation/Interscope records, she was selected to perform at the super bowl half time. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her song Masterpiece. But yeah, shes all washed up. You should spend more time focusing on your self rather than critisizing a woman whose accomplished more than any other female or male artist. Maybe then someone would know who you are!


I love the stupid comments by a douche like Reed. Id love for him to be out and Madonna come into the room and he would be so star struck. Then of course if she hit on him he would drop trou in 2 seconds flat. But Reed you dont have to woryy, because that "picked over skank" as you call her is a billionair and would piss on you if you were on fire.


Madonna surely has the ability to hypnotize. Madonna is a washed up old prune that no one, except in the media, are interested in. Madonna has no real skill, no profound talent. If one hangs around enough, and say the right things, the media will clamor for you.


Looks as beautiful as ever and still getting a reaction from people. Love her or hate her she's M


The Truth? I wouldn't DARE touch this " Picked over SKANK" with a 10 Foot Pole! Seriously- That's the Truth!


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