Lindsay Lohan: Jag Jeans Model!

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Lindsay Lohan is modeling with clothes on for a change.

The troubled but resurgent starlet, whose Playboy issue is flying off the shelves, has just become the face (and body) of Jag Jeans (whatever that is)!

In fact, the Jag campaign was shot at the SLS Hotel in L.A. by Yu Tsai, the man behind the camera for Playboy's Marilyn-themed Lindsay Lohan pics.

It pays to get out there and network, people!

Lindsay Lohan Jag Jeans Ad

Lohan continues to make sultry facial expressions, as usual, while tussling her hair and rocking barely-there jean shorts ... in an ad for jeans. Whatever.

"As Jag Jeans' endorser, Lindsay embodies strength and fearlessness, is unafraid to be who she is, and is fierce yet exudes feminine grace," the brand says.

Tsai said in a press release that, "Lindsay did not disappoint ... Lindsay was so involved with the shoot that she would go as far as adjusting items on the set."

"She even requested scissors so she could personally fray the edges of her black crepe blouse because she believed it would look better that way."

"Lindsay would take a hands-on approach to her shots. She was more than willing to change her hairstyle mid-shoot and even used her own personal jewelry."

No word if she stole any of it, but good to hear.

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This Trainwreck must have 9 Lives. I would love 2 say something bad but I would Hate myself in the Morning.


Well, its good to see that she is doing some sort of work. She still has potential being that she is still really young.


I also miss her as a redhead. Way better look on her.


Super. Love it. Lindsay Lohan might just redeem herself after all. Good on her! Just wish she'd go back to being a redhead!

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