Will Lindsay Lohan Playboy Issue Break Sales Record?

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Despite Hugh Hefner's mixed feelings at the start, the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue has become a major hit for the magazine - one well worth the nearly $1M price.

Hef Tweeted that “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.” While he didn't elaborate, there's no doubt it's been flying off shelves.

But will it rank among the magazine's top selling issues ever, if not THE top seller? Not necessarily, although it's certainly one of the best performers in years.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover

Playboy sold around 7 million copies per month back in its heyday of the early '70s. Today, its circulation is closer to 1.5 million ... damn you free Internet porn!

Nonetheless, the Lindsay Lohan pics may well end up doubling Playboy's current average and move approximately 4 million copies, according to estimates.

Some of Playboy's best-selling cover girls of the last 10 years: Cindy Crawford, figure skater Katarina Witt, Pam Anderson, and Marge Simpson. Seriously.

Where will Lohan rank among those all-time naked greats? Will she be in a jail cell at the time she cements her name in the record books? Only time will tell.

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Ok she is hot!!! She might have made mistakes but shit what would u do with fame and fortune!!! Being a child and teen star I would party hard too. you only live once. She could make better choices but they are hers only to make. Don't be jealous because she has money and beauty all around.


If you don't like Lindsay, then don't comment ! Calling her names is unnecessary . Eveybody makes mistake; nobody not perfect ! The only perfect human being was Jesus, so you have no right to judge her ! && I know your entitled to your own opinion but bashing someone on the Internet isn't right . So keep your little rude comment to yourself next time please && thank you .


Lohan is not that pretty anymore so why will she make a boyboy that's nasty maybe old ppl will see her only haha!!! Who even likes her NOT ME! She's not a good role modle for anyone ...only the ppl tht use drugs n spend time n jail .. She's a slut maybe she sells she bodie n gives lap dances to senoir old ppl .... Oh well not my problem she's a b*tch i hope she dies of using to much drugs!!! She needs to know satin!!!


and my name is not null its marcie rich


it's sad , but true it just goes to show our future generation that lying, stealing, ignoring court orders breaking the law using illegal drugs ect. will make you very famous and very very rich


Do you really think old man Hef is going to say sales are down? Lohan should rank pretty low if you have to take these pictures with a do over and they still look mediocre.