Hugh Hefner Resolves to Stay Single

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If he had had his way, Hugh Hefner would have exchanged vows with Crystal Harris in the summer of 2011.

But the Playboy founder says he won't be making that same mistake in the new year, telling People this week that he "dodged a bullet" when Harris dumped him days before their scheduled June wedding.

"I am clearly not meant to be married," the 85-year old said. "Married life isn't for me."

Hugh Hefner on Piers Morgan Tonight

Don't cry for Hef, however. He's far from lonely.

The bachelor refers to his latest girlfriends, Shera Berchard and Anna Berglund, as "special ladies" and told the magazine he'd be "on top of my game" in 2012. It's unclear which of those women he's nicknamed game.


I would say it all depend of why she took nude pitcures.I'm clearly not a fan of i. But if she has taken naked pitcures before we met and now she's done? I might consider dating the girl. However if she's not done, then it is a no-no.I'd say people who wants to change deserve a second chance. What happens in the past, stays in the past.


I wonder why theres NO CURE FOR AIDS. Wonder what God is trying to say to us.


I love hugh hef. Im a married man but Playboy gives me a chance to explore my deepest fantasies. Maybe my eyes is going blind from looking at so much porn, but hey its worth it, because im enjoying it! Life is meant to enjoy. We cant be boring goody goodies.


@james: i admire u for your courage, but i advise you not to waste your energy. Not everyone can see how evil this is. Form or join an organisation that fights against porn. You are commenting on a wrong website that supports these negative things. Dont stop what ur doing tho!God bless u:)


@shake your head: sorry if i upset you. I just tried speak up against bad stuff. But i guess we live in a world that condones immorality as cool and freedom. By the way, im not religious and neither am i hyprocite. I am not perfect like everyone else but i care about our world. Things are gone so bad in our world and all everyone cares about is sex and money. Sorry to express my opiniön on your website. I thought this website was nice cos it gave everyone a chance to speak their heart. God loves all and you are free to your opinion and i dont judge u and othes who support porn and like it. Its your judgment with God,not me. Gudbye.


@james: it has nothing to do with constitutional freedom of speech and everything to do with hiding behind Gods word while ridiculing the world and pretending to be better than those around you. Those without sin cast the first stone. Yes I know the bible. I grew up in the church. I do not disbelieve, I just approach in a more appropriate manner than hypocritical fire and brimstone methodology.


@new money: what is your problem? ! Hugh Hef has sex with young girls. He even sees his future daughter-in-law in all her glory..naked n spread out nicely in his magazine. ↲
We must see our family members nude. Theres NOTHING wrong with pornography and nudity. Hugh Hef is my role model. I hope at his age i can have sex with so many like that. Im not going to have sex with just my wife..You Go Hef! Hefs like my God.


Proud dad u is a sick individual, God bless your children and I hope u get help.


i support playboy. I read everymorning. It helps me with my life. i encourage my daughters to pose oneday in Playboy. I support it. I wil even buy the magazine if they pose in it and look at them.


@shaking your head: FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY. Not just for evil but also for good. And please stop shaking your head, start using your brains. And stop judging.

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