Video: Jack Wagner Reunites with Daughter

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This is a pretty cool story.

Earlier this month, Jack Wagner was preparing for a concert in Boca Raton when a 23-year old woman showed up with a photo of her mother, someone Wagner briefly dated in the 1980s. The stranger claimed to be the actor's daughter - and he welcomed her into his life with welcome arms.

The following evening, prior to another show, Wagner invited his just-discovered child on to the stage and introduced her to the crowd. She couldn't stop weeping as her dad pulled her close and said he was proud of the courage it took for her to track him down...

Two weeks after this meeting, Wagner and Heather Locklear called off their engagement because they wanted to spend more time with their children. Makes a lot more sense now.


Talk about a real tearjerker!!
*I think that Jack Wagner deserves a high regard for acknowledging Carrie after just meeting her (for the first time) in such a public forum.
I commend Heather for selflessly giving time for Jack and his daughter to have a chance to bond as father and daughter. I know that Jack has other children with former wife Christina (from their General Hospital days). Hopefully there will be a peaceful resolve for all of Jack's children to be able to recognize that in time this "new revelation" could be life changing in a good way. All the best to The Wagner/Locklear Families. PEACE!!


At least she came forward. My snotty ass daugher did not even invite me to the wedding, and was so rude. I do not want to see her again. She would not even give me a change. God Bless Jack and your continued relationship.


Because the bro is a white slob and can't do two things at one time. Maybe he can jack~off while doing his taxes or something but this blast from the past sucks..."JACK"off...Jack Wagner...get it? Racist pigs.


No, it doesn't make more sense now...Why can't you be engaged and still spend time with your new found children?