Kris Humphries to Seek Marriage Annulment

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Kris Humphries can finally relate to the rest of America: a new report states this reality star is hoping to pretend that his marriage to Kim Kardashian never existed.

According to People, rumors that Humphries is reluctant to sign divorce papers are actually true. An insider claims Kris is planning to file the necessary paper work that would annul the union, thereby clearing the record of his marriage to the giant-breasted professional celebrity.

The procedure of annulment is typically reserved for cases where the couple can reasonably claim the marriage ought to be retroactively invalidated. A common argument used in these instances? That alcohol played a major role in an impromptu wedding. (See Spears, Britney and Alexander, Jason).

Other legal grounds for an annulment include incest, forced consent, fraud... wait, might Kris Humphries be planning to make a court-documented case that this marriage should be voided because it was a scheme all along to defraud the public?!?

He would be a true American hero if so.

UPDATE: Yes, Kris has filed for an annulment and, yes, the petition is based on Kim "defrauding" him into a marriage that was meant solely for the purposes of her reality show, a fact he claims he was never made aware of. This is awesome!


Kim Kardashian had a taste of fame a while back when hanging out with Paris Hilton and since has been aidectdd to being talked about and looked at. She might play nice and innocent while talking in her baby voice and complementing everyone out there just because she understand that playing the nice card is the way to go. I'm so super certain that she's enjoying all of this even as we speak. I mean this means more magazine cover /w the eneditable coverex clusive Kim breaks her silence which of course they would only do for cash bcs in reality we all now that she never EVER shuts up about her every move or personal life?! Pathetic how we allowe this idiots to get wealthy doing things like this.


The marriage was a farce just as their show is a farce. What else can you expect from divas. How much do they pay to put their show on the air?


I dont know if it was a stunt or not, but it sure appeared that way. As far as why she cries, she is a drama queen. She would have to be to marry someone who would disrespect her in front of her family.
I thought it had to be a stunt cause I could'nt see her with such a l LOOSER! you ever see her mom throw a hissy fit. Well its like they say, the apple does'nt fall far from the tree!
that being said I woult try to tame that shrew so I could marry her and then tap that sexy ass!


Rach: You spend way too much time watching TV. Bet you are the town busybody, and were beaten up lots in school for being a tattle-tale. Get a life.


Rach, do you know Kim personally, by which I mean other than the perception you get from watching her on television? No, me neither.Not in the slightest.


Go Marge!


To Rach: you can go ahead & support gold-digging, trashy, landfill garbage Kardashian against Humphries. She is no lady and definitely no beauty..take off the two inches of mask she wears, she looks like any ordinary person on the street. And yes, she is 5'2"..I am the same heighth and I wear a size 2 petite. She gives the appearance of a sz 18 trying to look like a sz2. Sorry, she & her clan are sleazy, creepy crawlers...!!


The K's made my tummy roll! Sad state of the world and all us in it when a Mother can use the fact that she raised sluts and makes millions on their backs!
She took the fact that her girl had sex tapes and it's sick!!
I stumbled on this. I try hard to not add to their shameless glory.
As a Mom I'd be so sad if a daughter of mine behaved the ways her girls do! What has become of people standing up to say this is a bad thing? Now you're considered backward and bad if you don't agree with such behavior. Well I'm one backward American who will always believe that "In God We Trust" is why this country is blessed!


I cannot believe that Kim K would do something like that. She should know that the ratings for her shows can go down as well.


Yes! Kudos to Kris. I am so sick about that Cardasian (with C) lot! Kris was sooo duped! Just saying that she's keeping the wedding presents and the engagement ring tells what kind of person Kim is. The public was also duped and I can's just imagine anyone watching that program that smell of rat and stinks like skunk. Down with the phony Kardasians!

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