Michael Jackson Family on Conrad Murray Sentence: Not Long Enough!

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Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years behind bars today, the longest possible prison term for involuntary manslaughter. Needless to say, Michael Jackson's family is adamant that he deserves every day of that sentence, and then some.

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    Its close to 3yrs now since the king of pop departed but memory pains clings "BUT MURRAY, HOW COULD IT BE" RIP Micheal.


    Michael Jackson was NOT a child molester or Pedophile. Before you start calling someone names you should know what you are talking about.

    He was simply accused NOT CONVICTED of such charges. Most of those cases were dropped by the parents which proves they were out to get "MONEY" from Michael and nothing more. NO mother would have stopped until he was in prison had he truly molested their child. For that matter no prostituting attorney would have stopped until they put him behind bars.

    Get real people!!!! If it was your child could he have paid you off HELL NO. Someone does something like that to your child there isn't enough money to stop you from sending their ass to jail.


    michael jackson was a child molester.GOOD RIDDANCE


    For public safety Conrad Murray should serve four years solid .He should not be released any day sooner because he never admitted any wrong doing in court.If you can't realize your mistake you are bound to repeat it on some other desperate soul.


    The sentence Conrad Murray received should be a warning to drug pushing doctors. As the L.A district attorneys office stated following the sentencing more people died this year from overdoses of priscription meds than from car accidents.
    We as lay people are so dependant on our Doctors we need them to be trustworthy and above greed for money and position.


    As I recall Michael Jackson was a Paedophile! No?

    Did not Michael Jackson's entourage and legal team etc. pay off families of kids whose parents started to raise concerns... McCaulie Culkin and Mexican boys and little US boys etc.. ?

    Did not very small kids turn out to be sleeping in his bed with him overnight at Neverland...

    He messed himself up with drugs and perversions... he was already walking dead he just didn't know it...

    Michael Jackson is now another member of the "J Club" - Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson.


    While I understand where Mrs. Jackson is coming from and sympathize with her over the loss of her son, I don't necessarily believe Mr. Murray deserves 20 years to life in prison or anything. What he did was wrong: he went against what he knew and was taught to be right (as all doctors are) and, through negligence, caused the death of Michael Jackson. This is very serious and very tragic for Michael's family, friends and fans, and the jury did the best they could to give justice to the Jacksons. The maximum sentence is 4 years; he received 4 years. While we all know that no amount of prison time can bring Michael back, his legacy as the King of Pop will live on forever; Michael's hard work will not be forgotten.

    While those closest to Michael may see this sentence as insufficient, it is unfortunately as close to sufficient as the law allows.

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