Mariah Yeater: Yearbook Photo Found!

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Easy, Beliebers. Do not throw anything at your computer screen.

But a high school yearbook of Mariah Yeater has allegedly surfaced, giving the public its first view of the woman who claims to be the mother of Justin Bieber's three-month old son. Here it is:

Mariah Yeater Picture

To recap:

Yeater is featured in this week's issue of Star Magazine. She has sued Bieber for child support, alleging that he took her into a bathroom on October 25, 2010 after a concert in Los Angeles and, in her words, said he wanted to "f-ck the sh-it" out of her." They proceeded to have 30 seconds of unprotected intercourse.

Bieber addressed the charge directly this morning and said he's never met Mariah Yeater.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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30 seconds ONLY!!!!! Is he that much of a mediocre lover...!!!


I really dont believe this, but if its true Justin had to be extremely drunk to even look at something like that. Come on!


man i feels sorry for this bitch she is lier and she need too look for her real baby daddy


mariah yeater. I don't believe it. Hollywood Paparazzi




WOWWWWWWWW this is such bull . She looks like crap......


Can he bring charges on her she was 19 he was under age --- child rape


that was imposible thing.she's not beautiful.I think justin never interested with her.


This is so fckn sad tbh if u dont noe who ya baby daddy is search dont try and make false acusations on a inocent man n its sad how now the bby mite not noe who his daddy cuz (mommy was whoren around befor she had em) smfh so sad.......


Its not possiable that a 30 sec intercourse would lead to a pregnancy and shes not sure because she didnt tel justin first instead she told her ex.

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