Lindsay Lohan to Channel Marilyn Monroe in Playboy

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Lindsay Lohan will soon be seen totally nude in Playboy.

But she'll bare more than her vadge in the men's mag.

Reps for Lohan and for Playboy confirmed Monday that the 25-year-old starlet will be featured in both pictures and words in the upcoming January/February issue.

"The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful," her rep says, "and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay."

Lindsay Lohan Naked Photo

The so-called "tasteful" Playboy pics will be "very classy," the magazine's founder Hugh Hefner tells The Insider, with the final product becoming "a classic tribute inspired by original Tom Kelly nude pictorials of Marilyn Monroe."

She's pretty much already done that, but what can you do.

In 2008, New York Magazine did a Lindsay Lohan nude / Marilyn Monroe themed spread, with LiLo saying she was "comfortable" being photographed in the buff.

You can see the new naked pics of Lindsay - who spent a whopping four hours in jail this week - in late December. We know your calendar is already marked.

Check out some of her past similar "work" below:

Lindsay Lohan Naked
Lindsay or Marilyn?
Lindsay Lohan Nude

Lindsay Lohan nude in Playboy sounds really ...

Avatar old is she again...50 she looks like it...damn a 25 year old shoulnt look like that...hmm i swear she needs money thats y shes doing this...and its discusting too , i mean im 25 i have 2 kids and i dont look like that my skin still tight on me everywhere ok my butt should be smaller but still i look great ...maybe playboy should take me then ....or girls who look great as me after kids... i mean come on Playboy is kidding with them selfs...


I saw the photo of Marilyn in bed with white sheets, and there is no comparison .. Lindsay was a beautiful redhead and meat .. Blonde does not fit, much less when compared to the GREATEST SEX SYMBOL has been


He visto la foto de Marilyn en la cama con sabanas blancas, y NO HAY COMPARACIÓN.. Lindsay era hermosa pelirroja y con carne.. Rubia no le queda, mucho menos si se compara con el MAYOR S�MBOLO SEXUAL que ha existido!


Marilyn was actually a size 12. Today a size 8 is considered to be plus size. She may have been a 6 at one point but if you have ever watched any of her movies or read a book you would know she avereaged around a size 12


Ok first off Brandie, Marilyn was not a plus size model she was a size 6 and was 118 pounds, which is not plus size. It seems like now all bigger people do is rag on skinny people, I am skinny i'm 94 pounds but i'm also short so it is actually a normal weight for me and I never had an eating disorder ever I just have a good metabolism. Even when I was pregnant with my son I thought I would weigh more after but ended up weighing less then I did before. and belive it or not I find it insulting when people say things like "anorexic" and "skinny as bone" because I can't help being so skinny. just because someone is skinny does not always mean they starve themselves. Honestly I think bigger people just say these things about skinny people so they can feel better about themselves, two wrongs do not make a right if you don't like people calling you fat maybe people should quit calling skinny people anorexic.


She was hot before all the cocaine. Now she looks haggard as hell! Sad


I am teenage girl who is thicker than most. and Proud to be.
Marilyn is my inspiration because she was a plus size model. So much that I have her words tattoo on my skin
You can NOT be okay with letting someone skinny as a bone try to be as beautiful as she was.


i cannot even believe old hef would approve of this skank bomb even trying to emulate ANYTHING about marilyn.even the type of photography.lindsay lohan is not very attractive,not a great actress,unemployable in movies(thats why shes baring her skinny freckled ass)and her tits aren't even real.shes been desperately running around trying to be some kind of sex symbol when in fact all she is is a fame whore.shame on you hef........


With enough makeup artists, botox, and airbrushing a good photographer could make a pig look good... So I guess the pictorial is really an hommage to modern technology and photoshop...


Poor Lindsay is not entirely to blame. I think Bert Stern sleep walked his way through this shoot. The lighting was haphazard. The compositions dull. The stylist should be shot the hair is a travesty. Lindsay is an attractive woman by anyones standards but here she looks like a heffalump. What amazes me though is that she would want to repeat it.! Still there are girls that think they can emulate and channel "Marilyn" but they don't come close to Norma Jeans original version.


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