Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: The Pre-Divorce Meeting?!?

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Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins lost to The New York Giants, 20-17, on Sunday afternoon. But did the former number-two draft pick win back an ex-girlfriend?!?

Sources tell MediaTakeOut that Bush met up with Kim Kardashian on Saturday afternoon at BAR MASA, a sushi restaurant in New York City. Kris Humphries was in Minnesota at the time and Kim was reportedly "excited" about seeing the man she dated for over two years. Interesting...

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Over the summer, tabloids claimed that Bush was frantically texting Kim, hoping she'd call off her wedding. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but, hey, the tabloids called Kim's divorce from Kris in this case, didn't they?

Moreover, if living arrangements really were an issue for Kardashian with Humphries, they would not be in this case: Bush resides in Miami. Next to whatever red carpet event is lining her bank account, that city is Kim's second home.

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Hi kim, Ilove you and your show , but the only thing you already know the wedding not gonna stay for long why u spent all this money cause they have people who going to die now just because they don't have insurance. For example I'm a woman like you who spent my night cry just because I'm married for 15 years, have fours miscariages,and still can afford a fertily doctor. Kim cherie please next time make show you and you boyfriend really in love before gettin married.


they r cute together i think kris puke he hella ugly reggie is was hotter


Jealousy and envy is a terrible thing people. Some of us have the pleasure to live our life how ever we please, some of you hate because we never stop striving for more. Let this woman be whatever she wants to be, and worry about your own problems.


We from Brazil likes to see kim and reaggie!! Girl, lets go him


I really am so sick of this family. Do they realize how many families they could have feed with that money for her wedding what a waste. I guess if her fat ass family is eating and living high off the hog they could care less about the people in need. I never here any positive that family gives to causes that could really use the money they just waste on stupid shit. I agree we all need to stop watching and putting money in there pockets, let them go broke they deserve it. They are very selfish people...


Oh what another trip down to be joined as husband and wife until death do us part or 72 days,which ever comes 1st,this chick is making money off of playing games alone with most of the other family members as a way to get richer faster!!!!Next will she be Mrs. Bush????as in used!!!!up!!!!!she should wear a sign across her most prized money maker that say's "WIDE LOAD"


well i always loved kim and reggie relationship..


My god, seriously.. A WHORE.. That’s all Kim is..!! Some1 tell me different..!! Who the F*** marriages with doubts..!! Totally a dis-respectful women..!!

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