Camille Grammer Might Get Married Again

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Because it worked so well the first time...

While she may be perpetually fighting with her ex in court, Camille Grammer has moved on personally: she's dating some guy named Dimitri Charalambopoulos. How serious is this couple? The reality star at least says she's open to getting married again.

Camille Grammer as a Pirate

"He's great with my kids and he's good with me," Grammer told E! News at the Dream Halloween benefit for the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation over the weekend. "My son's really taken a liking to him and my daughter and him get along as well."

Camille adds that she refers to the 6'2" hunk as her "Greek god" and that the sound of wedding bells doesn't make her eardrums bleed any longer.

"A year ago I would have said I definitely never, I will never enter into that kind of agreement," Grammer said about exchanging vows again. "But now I've definitely changed my mind."

Yay for us, more celebrity gossip fodder! Boo for her kids, another public divorce battle to come.


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