Evelyn Lozada: Returning to Basketball Wives, Signed to Chad Ochocinco Wedding Spinoff

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Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has been convinced to come back for another season. She's so darn valuable, she was given an insane deal she couldn't pass up.

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    Like fuckoutta here she aint shit but a hood bitch everlyn sit down


    Yyyyyyaaay!!!! My favorite is returning!!!! She makes the show far as im concerned


    i think this show should go down as a comedy because its gonna be funny.evelyn &ocho give us a break.


    People...no need to hate on the reality stars because the public is willing to spend an hour or more of their free time being "entertained". I would go on camera and act a however i needed to if you were going to pay me millions for it. Don't be fooled into thinking they don't have "any" talent. They are smart enough to know that if they exagerate the truth and over-act here and there ratings will go up, advertising dollars will come in, and they can get paid on what ever items they chose to merchandise and market under their brand. Spend your free hour doing something constructive and that will benefit you and your family! If you chose to mindlessly waste hours sitting on the couch soaking up that BS during your free time instead of gettin on your own hustle....Yo bad!


    these whore are only getting paid because people have nothing else to do but watch BULL----. and she has the same experience as anyone who uses what between their legs to make or get someone to GIVE them MONEY


    I really don't think Ocho & Evelyn will get married. By the way Evelyn, Ocho is a Media Whore! Chad is not ready to make that commitment ( w/ 1 woman, NO!). the marriage will last less than a year (or "72" days). Watch!


    Oh stop with these people already! Who the hell are they? Like the Kardashians, they are untalented, useless and worthless. Why in the world would the public want to give them any time or money?


    & yall say KimK. has 0 talent???!!? Get the fuck outta here. @ least Kim is TRYING, or better yet, @ least she has her own clothing/perfume line. @ least she's making her empire worth something. Damn, all of these talentless reality stars, & ppl talk about Kim, yea...


    Its sad living in a world where whoring gold diggers are WINNING, and brutish bully behavior is rewarded. SMH.


    Chad's a fool marrying a "jersey chaser". Why does she want invetro for twins so quickly when both of them are capable of having kids? I think so she can lock in child support!

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