David Nelson, Bills Wideout, Scores Touchdown; Hugs Cowboys Cheerleader/Girlfriend

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David Nelson, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, caught a touchdown pass in today's showdown against the Dallas Cowboys. It cut his team's deficit to 14 points.

How did Nelson celebrate? By running back down the field and handing the ball to his girlfriend. Sweet, right? Except for this: Kelsi Reich is a cheerleader for the Cowboys! She looked both pleased and embarrassed by the gesture, perhaps wondering what owner Jerry Jones thought of her interaction with the day's enemy.

Watch it unfold below and decide: In or out of bounds?

What do you think of Nelson's act?


A Black Ballplayer Showboating for his White Girlfriend? That's got to be a 1st!


I think it was romantic that he was thinking about her in the end but should of known that it would also be embarrassing too since hes on the other team.


Probably not good practice but, what the heck.., not that big a deal. Wouldn't do it again though...


Lame!!! Sports sux