Conrad Murray Juror on Guilty Verdict: D'uh!

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Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Monday, as jurors decreed this physician played a deciding factor in the death of Michael Jackson.

It wasn't challenging for Murray's peers to arrive at this conclusion, either, one of them told TMZ yesterday.

"It was a concrete decision," a juror said, adding that all members of the panel were in agreement not long after closing arguments.

While many following the case figured Murray's interview with LAPD detectives likely led to his conviction, this juror pointed to the overall body of evidence as proof the doctor acted dangerously and irresponsibly. It wasn't one item, it was all of them combined.

There was never any doubt, the source concluded. Now, he/she is simply happy to return to a "normal life," a luxury Murray will never enjoy again.


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dats wat he get so glad thats over with now the jackson famiy can go on with thier lives....


YEAHH !!! The reality is revealed !!! RIP MJ !!!

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