Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict: GUILTY of Manslaughter

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The jury has returned a verdict of in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

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    u can ask . but not reveling. but i can tell u i know more then u or anyone else thinks re this jackson family.and remember they would not have alot to do with him except greed.its a shame they treated michael like they did.but michael brought this on himself and conrad just happens to be the last one there to pin this on.

    @ lulu

    If you know anything at all I would be surprised. You sound like a mentally defective elementary student trying to up his "internet cred". Instead of pretending to be someone important on the internet, why don't you go to school and learn how to spell and write a decent sentence? Then maybe you could actually be someone, instead of someone who pretends to be a big shot with "insider info".


    May I ask... Are you personally involved with the Jackson family? I'm just wondering how you know that none of Michael's eight siblings ever supported him? Or what exactly you even mean by "support"? Do you mean attempting to help him get clean? Again, I'm just wondering how you know these things.
    Also, Murray was not found guilty of murder. He was charged with and found guilty of manslaughter. Murder would carry FAR more jail time. However, the sentencing involved in the crime is not an indication of a person's guilt or innocence so I don't know what you meant by that either.


    Yeah conrad acted in a way he wasnt suppose too and gave jackson medicine he wasnt suppose too and hes doing time for it but he is not guilty for jacksons death think about it nobody gets 4 years for murder if you could name one who has say it so does who think conrad is guilty !!!your wrong!!! The jackson family should be ashame for not showing jackson support when he needed it stupid hipocrits now that hes dead they do it....


    I do not need compasion i have several kids tried to help. and they were addicts. did all i could and they stole from me. they brought disabled people to steal from me. so believe me i have knowledge of addicts. the problem i dealt iwth is none of them took advantage and let me help when i was for yrs. had all kinds of things stolen from me even vehicles. and so i have no compasion for addicts due to my experience with several kids of my own, you can only do so much for them. then they have to help themselfs. when they do not after yrs of tryiong . i washed my hands. i am very proud to say i tried for yrs. but had to disown a few children. not going thru it again. but as i said conrad may only be guilty of doing this outside a hospital but michael did this to himself. conrad just happens to be the fall guy to take the blame. i am very proud of my statements i make and choices. i sleep very well,


    Conradis innocent. Michael was an addict. the family wanted nothing to do with him till this and now look all will be greedy. At least there is an addict off the street and out of the america sight. no one needds an addict. No one looks at they were friends for a couple yrs. But i am sure the family knew. But conrad was the last dr that was there. All the Michael family really should be ashamed and hide there heads. It is discussting that they had to find a fall guy. Do u not remember Michael even used another name for medicine. That is who u want for public view. No!!! There are alot of people who love and still respect conrad. And if ever gets out of this or does practice again will go back to conrad.


    Hi ELIZA 111 thanks for your comments i hope you have a good night too.....


    Hi 12i0312~ Totally 100% agree with u!!!!I hope u have a great night!


    Thank you ELIZA111 same to you its nothing but the truth..once again thanks for your support....


    Haha~ I truly love u 12i0312!!!!!

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