Adam Lambert Poses for Out, Dishes on Second Album

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Adam Lambert channels Elvis Presley in the latest issue of Out.

Named a member of the Out 100 by the magazine, this former American Idol runner-up poses like The King did during a famous photo shoot with Andy Warhol. See for yourself:

Adam Lambert Out Pics

During a candid interview, Lambert also admitted that his debut album sales may have been affected by the public's focus on his sexuality, saying:

"Now that I have established who I am and I’ve gotten it out of my system, what’s really important - without denying or downplaying my pride as a gay man - is the music."

And what can fans expect from the singer's follow-up? Songs that are all personal, Adam says.

"This is definitely the album that I want to make. I’m getting time with it, I’m able to say, ‘I want to re-record that vocal,’ or ‘Let’s bring this song to another producer or a different beat put on it’. So I’m getting to immerse myself in the process. I feel like I’m getting to take the necessary time.”


OUT magazine did a lovely job on the Andy Warhol Elvis picture of Adam.Now I want to go to a museum and see the original. A little culture never hurt anyone.


XOW - Really?! I guess that is why when I saw him live...once on Idol tour...two times on Glam Tour ...there were thousands and thousands of women screaming for him....I guess that is why he has over 1.2 million twitter followers...why his cd is worldwide platinum...why his tour sold out worldwide...why he is probably one of the most demanded live artist...voted best live artist this past year...guess it is because he has "no female fans." Yeah need a reality check...He is amazing...we love him because his voice is the best male voice out there and no one has his stage him sing wanna whole lotta of love on youtube at foxwood (two version from two different nights), watch him when he sang in russia this past summer..same song and the song male vocalist out there now can compare...your homophobia is showing...troller...


@XOUJ It is actually the opposite, Adam has many more female fans than male. I have noticed lately tho, especially after the QUEEN performance lots of guys complimenting Adam on blogs and twitter.
SOO EXCITED for new music!!!!! 2012 hurry up :))


please give me a break------Adam has thousands of fans that happen to be women!


Im glad your an adam lambert fan. Pity no one apart from guys like him.


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