Shayne Lamas: Nude, Pregnant, Still Around

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Shayne Lamas is very pregnant and all KINDS of nude in a set of black and white photos she had taken ... because that is just what you do when you're Shayne Lamas.

The former winner of The Bachelor, who was engaged to Matt Grant for like 12 hours back in the day and is now married to Nik Richie, leaves little to the imagination.

Their baby has yet to be born, but is already a nude photo star.

Shayne Lamas Preggers

Lamas is just weeks away from giving birth to her first child - who will be named Press, regardless of gender - but is already prepping the kid for what's to come.

Yes, that is correct. Press. They're accepting offers to represent Press in any future show business opportunities, if you happen to be interested. Hello? Anyone?

Follow the jump to see Shayne in her child-bearing, naked glory:

Shayne Lamas Nude, PregnantShayne Lamas NakedShayne Lamas Nude

[Photos: TMZ / Peter Baratti]

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Shayne is soooo beautiful and I like Dahl, that's a cool name. Original names aren't for everyone but really how many Johns steves todds mikes lisas kellys loris can u have. My daughter Brooke I think is a relatively new name now very popular. Congratulations to her she will be a great mo her child will be very loved and spoiled, I'm sure


I cnt seem to understand why "stars" gve their children weird names.... We all knw tht tht kid will be a bullys target in middle & high school. & whts w/ the naked pics? Who does tht? Plz get a life ma'ma asap


This chick is retarded. Who is she anyway? Please give your POOR kid up for adoption. Its sick that your ALREADY trying to make money off the poor child because you cant support yourself. Press???? Really???????? Your child is going to HATE you when she turns 8!!! Please put some clothes on and take NORMAL maternity pictures. & dont act all innocent saying "SOMEBODY" posted this on the internet without your "OKAY" You just HAD to get these out there for the world to see in hopes of everyone starting to recognize you. you are NO JENNIFER ANNISTON. GET OVER IT!! I pray for you and your child. SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why do people do this it"s just weird.