Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro Break Up! Again!

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Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro have broken up. NOTE: This is the October 2011 edition of the recurring story featuring the combative Jersey Shore couple.

"We are not together," Ron said at a Paranormal Activity 3 superfan screening in NYC.

Following their epic fight on Jersey Shore's third season, the pair reconciled during the filming of Season 4 Florence, and have actually been pretty mellow so far.

Ronnie and Sammi Pic

Ronnie and Sammi are done. Like, they are DONE!

"Being in Italy, in such a romantic atmosphere, brought us together," Ron said. "[It was] probably the highest point in our relationship." Apparently not for too long.

Jersey Shore fans all know the two have strong feelings for each other ... that often turn violent. We don't expect their co-stars will be saddened by this report.

"I love single Ronnie," Pauly D says. "When he's doing the relationship thing, I don't get involved. He's a different person with Sammi. She's a difficult woman!"

One he'll likely be back together with by Christmas.

Whose side are you on?



All you guys.need to shut the fuck up cause they probaly is going 2 get back 2gether and @Jane n @Rachel this is not the fucking book cucity so if Yall not talking about that pic go sunk where else..Dumb Bitches


sammi is a irritating nagging bitch that never lets anything go she is the sick one in the relaTIONSHIP CAUSE RONNIE DOES NOTHING BUT PROVE TO HER OVER AND OVER


I honestly think they should remain broken up i know they love each other but they are like fire and gasoline. They keep breaking up and getting back together now i understand why they castmates dont get involed some of them i just feel they would be better and safer as friends


Ok now I totally lost my respect for Pauly D!!! Way, way lost it. How the hell is Sammi a difficult woman??!!! She seems great, just don't um scream at her face she is a cunt for no reason, trash all her stuff, lie to her, delibraty try to start fights over and over and isolate her from everyone, and yeah just don't try to make other people call her psycho when you are the psycho yourself. That was very weak Pauly. I so hope Ron will get his ass kicked from some pissed of viewer out there...


sam go away. you make it worst.


i think that sammi need to stay away from him. to think about things. and ronnie stay hot and think about what you do before you do it.


neither they both are ridiculous..its sickening to watch.. and I'd bet my left nut that ronnie is/was on roids..


Ron, ur an ok guy. Ur a lot better then sitch. U found fame and $$$ so just be single and do u. Yea u prob love sam and don't wana see her with sum1 else but u can't have ur cake and eat it to,so u guys should split and be single, wait til u got all the partyin and bangin diff broads out of ur system then settle down with a girl. Cuz u fell for sam got famous and now all these chick dig ya and ur like hell yea. That's fine just don't drag sam thru the mud and u kno u wouldn't want her to do that to u. So man up and do this the right way......see ya all nxt season


@Rachel...books are for losers? Are you twelve years old? How would you know anyway, you are barely literate. You've probably never picked up a book in your life. Besides, there are worse things in life than being a nerd, like being a fucking moron such as yourself who is lucky she even knows how to spell her own name. Do you count with your fingers and toes, too? Ask someone with a brain to read this post to you in case you can't figure out the big words.


well jane you can go to to hell books r for losers or in your case your probley a nurd anyways so it explines how you r no ones purfect at eveything and no i just seen a few clips on tv i doint keep up with the stupid show anyways

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