Ricki Lake Weight Loss Pics: Dancing With the Stars Does a Body Good!

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Add Ricki Lake to the list of celebrities who have participated in what has become America’s unofficial celebrity weight loss show: Dancing With the Stars.

She may not have lost the 100 pounds boasted by one recent finalist (check out these Kirstie Alley weight loss pics), but Lake has certainly slimmed down.

You can see difference from the pre-season promo pic to the present:

Ricki Lake Weight Loss Photos

Ricki Lake has lost 20 pounds of weight on DWTS.

Lake is clearly enjoying her thinner frame, and looking healthy and wonderful while doing it. Ricki’s also maintaining a healthy attitude towards the process.

“I don’t know. I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning. I’m definitely a size six now. I’ll probably be a size four by the end of it," she told the Huffington Post.

"It’s come to the point where it doesn’t matter to me. I no longer wear Spanx. I don’t have lumps where I used to. I will weigh myself at the end."

"I really like where my body is going. My waist has never been smaller.”

Lake also claimed to not be a “natural dancer,” but she's just being modest. Aside from JR Martinez, it doesn't appear anyone can stop her this season.


a size 8 when she started , OMG did u see her legs, a size 16 or better and when dwtS ended I would say a small size 12 - another 10-15 and MAYBE a 10..........do these women think thr public is stupid and/or blind? LOL


I totally agree with Guest Lister. If Ricki started out as a size 8 (which is what I read somewhere), she is absolutely delusional and must own one great scale!! She was more like a size 12 or 14 when she started, and she is nowhere near a size 4 right now! I don't see why these stars have to lie about their weight. It's possible that she is now a size 8 or 10, but a size 4?? Pleaseeee.....get real!!!


Ricki lost the competition because she was claiming to be a size 4. People were laughing at her on the Internet. There is no way she is anything less than a size 12. Even with generous sizing in expensive clothes she is a size 12-14. People don't like being lied to or misled and no one believes her size. I believe that is why she lost the contest. She plans to come back to TV with a talk show next year. She better come clean or she may lose that chance. No one trusts her or believes her after this sizing lie. She had better come clean or she could end up like Star Jones who disappeared after her comments of 'natural' weight loss. Ricki needs to own up to her size and apologize soon or she will disappear like other stars who are misleading or untruthful.


I've watched every week and I noticed the weight loss on Ricki. Some people's post on here, well, there just hater's. I feel Ricki looks great and good for her.


rickie lake looks awsome ....and i am hoping and praying that she wins the dancing with the stars.....and they should have kicked hope and maks off long ago...please dont let that fool of a dancer back on that show ....he has a real bad attitude about the whole of the show ...and for the other dancers they are awsome also ...they all have come a long way .....good luck Rickie Lake


Ricki Lake a size 4...pleezeee. She says she started DWTS at a size 10. What store does she shop at and where did she get that fabulous scale.


Why was maks allowed to push partner Hope Solo. Maks is so Aggressive! What's with this abuse. It should not be allowed. The girl has been seen crying and has been seen being pushed around. How dare you let your dancers be abused. This is sad. I have to say at least Derek has helped Hope a couple of times. I saw on a clip that Maks pushed Hope's shoulder. She was not happy. The clip I watched he walked out on her during rehearsal. You can't expect Hope and Maks to win when her partner is abusing her. Throw Maks Out!!!


at 124lbs, I wear a 4 & Look less than half the size Ricky does...good on her for losing weight, but size 6???????????? I don't think so


exercise causes weight loss. who knew.


She has made a lot of fuss about this (attention getter) and honestly she looks the same to me she should just really stop talking about the weight and focus on other things it is like since she started the competition she wanted to be the BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSER of DWTS

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