POLL: What Was the Worst Celebrity Marriage Ever?

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Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humpries after just 72 days of marriage. Perhaps her fairy tale wedding was not what it was meant to be after all.

Or maybe it was, given who we're talking about. She made millions off her big day and E! can start looking for her next future ex-husband in the near future.

They're far from the only stars to tie the knot only to bail almost immediately, however. Where do Kim and Kris rank among the worst celebrity marriages?

Kris Humphries Kardashian

In the last decade, stars like Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Murphy and Pamela Anderson (twice!) have seen unions dissolve within the same year of their nuptials.

Heck, Britney Spears tied the knot to Jason Alexander in Vegas and had it annulled 55 hours later. Time enough for him to get it in, and that's about it.

One of the shortest in recent times came when Chris Kattan wed Sunshine Tutt on June 28, 2008 ... and divorced her August 10. Terrible marriage, awesome name.

Even more recently, Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov tied the knot in August of 2011, but now she's saying it was bogus and never even legal. Weaksauce.

Which union was the worst of them all? Vote below!

Admittedly we kept the list very recent and defined "worst" by shortest. To submit your own as an honorable mention, hit the comments section below!


what a totally shammmm losers


well i knew that there marriage was a scam in the first place it was all for the money maybe it is good thar there not together now they both can move on with their lives .


Kim talks about family being important yet she is unwilling to try andmake her marraige work. Marraige is Family!! I personally dont like Kim. I like her sisters and brother and step dad, but Kim and her mother are controling and selfish. Kim just expected Kris to leave his home and family and move to Cali. Kim does not know what compromise is. If you are so sure that your marriage was not fake....why are you so willing to end it and not work on it at all?? Kim, Kris was right. In 5 years You will be old and no one will want you or care about you. Your fame will soon disappear and you will be alone


Well, I never knew Kim is dis bad; but y would anyone marry 4 maney? She knew it wasnt gonna work out, so why did she go ahead to say "I DO"? She's just a trash! I'm disappointed in dis public figures, after whorin, they begin 2 blush wen dey see an engagement ring.mtchew!


If this is true that Kim wants to be with Reggie Bush Please leave them alone and forgive them for anything they hurt the public with. You know very well we all do mistakes. Any sensible person will know there is true love between these two. And to Reggie Bush, If Kim can stand all these abuses for you please get serious and show her the love she deserves. I am sure without her you were also lost.

Pretty topaz

It is well with these peeps!!!!!!


why would you marry somebody if u knew it didnt fill right, that was number 1 mistake, and 2 khloe was trynna warn her this whole time she should have listend, and 3 she wasted all that money for nothing. i would have been pissed, and i dont know why she keep crying shes the one divorcing him...


Kris is better off without Kim and that sickening family. Kim is not woman enough for you Kris, she is too materialistic. You need to find a down to home woman. The Kardashian/Jenner trash are upset that you did not put on the muppet suit like the other boys in the family. Good for you. Move on Kris. She did it for the money anyway, she wouldn't know love it it slapped her in the face. That show needs to be cancelled. I didn't watch it until Kris came on it anyway. Trash ladies if you ask me. People need to stop making that family richer with that stupid reality show. Kris please leave that dressed up ho alone, please.


Am I missing something? She said she didn't do it for the money or tv ratings, but that she knew before she got married that is was wrong? Doesn't take a two year old to figure out, even though she knew it was wrong, she went ahead and married because of the money E put out for her wedding. THAT FAMILY WILL DO ANYTHING FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$ Kris Jenner take note: quit whoring out your children

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