Tara Reid: Actually Married to Zack Kehayov!

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Somewhere, Michael Lillelund is crying. Or maybe breathing a sigh of relief.

Earlier, People and E! News reported that Tara Reid got married this weekend. This was true. But the lucky (?) man is not Lillelund, who was dating the actress the last time we heard from her (admittedly a long ass time ago).

Instead, she married a guy named Zack Kehayov, a.k.a. Zachary Kehayov. She made the correction on Twitter this morning when we got it wrong.

Tara Tweets

Nice to see Tara took it slow with a long engagement.

There you go, folks. You heard it on this celebrity gossip site first. Or second, if you follow Tara Reid on Twitter. But chances are, you don't. At least we hope.


How Tara found a bulgarian man????


Stop putting down on Marrige if there happy then whatever! Good for them.


This should last for about 30 seconds and in divorce court


Good for her. I like her! She's a pretty cool chic imo...


i don't no how that guy married her after they met in atlanta at the w-hotel in midtown when she was fucking everybody in the hotel. damm zack you must like sloppy left over and someone that had sex with her made a sex tape so be careful tara reid


here (greece) if someone wants to get married should prepare papers one of those must be 1 month before...whether marriage is a hall or a church.in Greece can not marry directly...so for me this story is ...hmmmmmmm


Or second, if you follow other gossip sites that reported this yesterday.

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