Kourtney & Kim Take New York Sneak Peeks: Such Drama!

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OMG, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian fans. Season two of these sisters' reality show premieres on November 27 and the following clips make the drama look, like, oh so intense.

First, there's Scott Disick complaining about sharing an apartment with his wife, sister-in-law and her husband. It's so sad these people can't even afford two separate places to live!

Then, there's Kourtney wondering what it will be like if she, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are all pregnant at once. From there, we see Kim worried about residing in Minnesota, while Kris comforts her by saying that once she has children, people will stop caring about her anyway. You might say the power forward bricked that piece of advice...

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They are all so phoney you can smell it all over them, including Kris Humphries. Think about it, when you truly love someone do you say some of the things he said to her, do you continue to belittle her or tease, scare and be such a pri--? As for the Kardashians, what do they honestly do other than walk around and have their pictures taken and stupid stuff. As I said they are all so phoney and money hungry especially MaMa K!


It all balls dwn 2 da fact dat she is purely $ hungry. Beautiful woman but messed up qualities. This is ur SECOND marriage!! Learn 2 get 2 kno ppl b4 u say I DO! Marriage is supposed to b n unspoken bond under God dat lasts 4 eternity, no a $10 mil publicity stunt! Her n Kris had SO much 2 say bout Khloe n Lamar but look @ dem now. No1 is hatin on dem but it's just wat it is. She is a fame whore! Even f she is rich!


SPOILER ALERT!! It ends in a DIVORCE!! Guess it doesn't matter where they "reside" now. I Mean seriously?? Did anyone not see that coming.. LOL.. Too funny!!


Actually no one really care as of now


Number one most of you ave HORRIBLE grammar.Number two Kim honestly isn't ready to be married all she's worried about now is Her career and fans and its true when she doesn't Have the body she has now no one will care about her (hint:when she has a child).


I really love how the tabloids can take simple chatter and spin it ...they are really working Kim and Kris over.....when he said buy the time you have kids and they are in school nobody will PROBABLY care he was not wrong....the way the people cuss and talk about her in the nastiest of way suggest that they don't care about he right now so what is the kill cow..........I will say this though, Kim need to slow down and MAKE time for the marriage and husband, it (the marriage) is in its most delicate phase right now. it is at that stage where anything that can go wrong will probably go wron....she need to step back a little.


sorry @ THG, but unfortunately 4 yall "hating asses", f KimK has a child NO 1 wud 4get about her. F her hubby did say that, he's even more full of shit. Im so lost as 2 y ppl hate on her. Do yall kno how many ppl r famous b/c they have clothing lines (b/c those of u that says she's famous 4 a sex tape) must b completely lost. How many ppl n Hollywood have had 'sex tapes' or 'nude pics' leaked?!?. She does alot of the SAME shit that other celebs do, but she's not famous???? Get the fuck outta here. She must b something, the world richest man (Tyler Perry) sure did cast her n his movie, so i guess u can all HATE ON THAT. Lol lol lol lol