Jesse James to Appear on American Chopper

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Before he became known as the guy who cheated on Sandra Bullock left and right with Michelle McGee and other skanks, and then as the guy in the on-again, off-again relationship with Kat Von D, Jesse James was best known as a biker.

It's probably good the motorcycle enthusiast is returning to his roots.

Formerly the star of Monster Garage, he'll make a return to TV with an appearance on the Discovery Channel's motorcycle series American Chopper.

Hot Jesse James

The 42-year-old James will be competing against the show's father and son stars, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., for the title of Master Bike Builder.

Can he do it? Will you tune in to find out?

The special is scheduled to air on December 5 and 6, with the first night featuring a lot of pre-taped footage of the trio building their respective bikes.

Viewers will then be able to vote on the finished products, and the winner will be crowned live in Las Vegas on the second night, according to the report.


I hope it won’t be the end of it, I raelly adored American Chopper. I hope they can fix this ASAP.


I find him to be a really poor excuse for a man as well as a biker!!! Is the way he treats women, the way his mother was treated so he feels it's the way one deals with women?? What a JERK!!


about 10 years ago i was diagnosed bipolar. shortly after that the tv started talking to me at least thats what i thought. it started with yoko ohno then jessie james telling me that you was looking for me because i was the one. was this i figment of my imagination or was it reality. occ said id be eating doritoes and it was accurite. are you still looking for the one or am i just crazy.


jesse is hot. he should do a porno movie. he is into kink and fans would like to see him have sex.