Hollywood Does Halloween: Celebrites in Costume

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It's unusual to see reality stars posing on a red carpet with cleavage-baring tops, but thank goodness for Halloween, eh, fellas?!?

On Saturday night, a number of Las Vegas nightclubs hosted holiday parties, as supermodels and C-listers came dressed as priests, farm girls and more. Click through the following photos for a handful of examples:

Kim Kardashian Costume
Lame Costume
Scott Disick as a Priest
Pauly D on Halloween
Coco on Halloween
Holly Madison on Halloween
Alex McCord on Halloween
Heidi Klum Halloween Costume

Do you like Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy? Pauly D in a mask? Heidi Klum as the human body? Vote now!


[Photos: WENN.com]


Nina Dobrev dressed as Hermione! I vote for her.


To everyone (and that includes the AWESOME celebrity reporters at The Hollywood Gossip, other fans of The Hollywood Gossip and other people)...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Have a good, festive and (most of all) SAFE one!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!


Kim Kardashian LOOKS good no matter WHAT she is wearing. I have noticed on the magazines though, she looks a little TATTERED on the cover of *ENOUGH*... like she lost some weight. Otherwise, she is gorgeous on the outside, and there is that part of her, that only her FAMILY know.Her mum, is the BEST and Bruce, is one HECK of a man/stepfather.


Kim Kardashian is the best celebrity wearing in a Halloween costume.