Hailey Glassman: From Jon Gosselin Mistress to CMT Reality Star!

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Hailey Glassman, former girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, will be starring on the new season CMT’s reality dating show Sweet Home Alabama. Yes, really.

Glassman, will be one of 22 female suitors vying for the heart of Tribble Reese, the runner up from the show’s first season. What a resume she has!

“I was never a homewrecker; everything that the media has portrayed me as is false, from the littlest to the biggest things," she tells the NY Post.

"I’ve been constantly judged in rag mags and tabloids. I’m a very kind, sweet, nice girl," says the former Jon Gosselin plaything (below, right).

Hailey Glassman and Coco

Hailey Glassman with Ice-T's wife Coco, who will not be on the show.

The girls will be split into two groups, “city” and “country” (there is no "home wrecker" set) and were both aware of Glassman’s reputation coming into this.

“Going into this house I figured the city girls would know. Never did I think these girls from the deep south would know who I was," says the 24-year-old.

"I had no idea I would be verbally attacked at first."

Hailey Glassman came into the house wanting to clear her name, but the whole concept of the show - and Reese - led her down an entirely different road.

“Ever since [the Gosselin incident] happened I have been tortured, and my name has been scarred from that. I came into the house wanting to clear the air."

"I figured it would be a great experience ... but if you think it’s hard to win over one guy’s heart, let me tell you, it’s a whole lot harder to win over 22 girls!”

Ultimately, Glassman says that she only shed her image within the house, but she also taught the others in there what she considers a valuable lesson.

“There was so much more going on in the house. There’s a lot that goes on in this show that people will learn. The girls learned so much, they learned not to judge someone by what you read about them,” Glassman says.

As for the viewers, Glassman seems excited they would get to see “the real Hailey,” not the one everyone remembers as Jon's 2009 booty call.

“This is who I am. In my head, two years ago the Kardashians weren’t married or had any kids, now you get to see the new Hailey Glassman, not the tabloid Hailey Glassman,” she says, aiming awfully high, even for a delusional d-lister.


She should get her surgeon daddy to fix her nose!


for her to show herself in the world, i think that's real. i think that took alot of courage for her to do that. so give her a break. though i think she's not guilty, other people done worst and never even paid for it. for intance angelina jolly stole brad from jen, how about that? so why judging her glassman?


Haily has shown her true colors, a mean spirited, spiteful, revengeful and low class girl. Her parents did a horrible job raising her, despite having money. What a loser.


She is probably a very nice person. I'm sure she would like me if she met me. I'm beyond sure.


I wouldn't do that whore after Jon Gosselin fouled her. She is kinda cute though.




aw who cares, just looked it up. Don't keep gossip as a continuos thing. Geta lofe.


you don't know hailey. i do. she's a whore because she got with a guy who wasnt with his wife anymore? get over yourself. dont believe everything you read or you're just close minded. haileys a great person with a big heart and i know her parents as well and they support her and love her. jon screwed her parents over as well as her. they know what she's been through...and you don't.




"The real Hailey?" On another stupid & scripted 'reality show?' Yeah, right. LOL

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