Demi Moore: In Need of Rehab?

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With new details emerging about Ashton Kutcher's alleged affair with Sara Leal, many are wondering: what's up with Demi Moore?

Has she really met with a divorce attorney? Might she give the actor another chance? And, seriously, G.I. Jane?!?

Now, a new report - a new tabloid report, mind you - brings back up the rumor that Ashton and Demi may actually have been separated for real this summer, largely due to the latter's alcohol abuse. The following cover story arrives just a week after a so-called from of Moore's said the star's drinking problem has "gotten bad."

Are you buying it?

Demi Moore Tabloid Cover

I hope she finds the strength to get rid of derelict Kutcher and quit drinking. She needs to know that she is a lovely woman who has her health, beauty, family and money. He is an unattractive scruffy-looking kid with little talent and no morals. She's better off alone.


I noticed those photoshoped wrinkles on the neck as well! So lame. The media are always picking on demi age. She looks great.


I like the huge wrinkles they photoshopped on her neck! Throw in some grey hair and a cain while your at it too Intouch! Lmao

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