Report: Demi Moore Meets with Divorce Attorney

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may have been spotted together at a Kabbalah center Friday night, but don't take this as a sign of reconciliation, a source tells Great Britain's The Daily Mail.

Earlier that same day, the actress "consulted with a lawyer about getting a divorce," the insider claims. "The discussion included her living arrangements and how a divorce would impact her assets."

Both stars are worth over $100 million.

Ashton in NYC
Demi Moore Premiere Photo

"This is a huge and very tough decision for Miss Moore to take. But her trust has been shattered," the mole adds, saying Moore didn't want to believe the rumors about Sara Leal were true, but photographic evidence of Kutcher partying in San Diego makes the story hard to ignore.

The couple does seem to be making a last-ditch effort to stay together, however. The Insider has posted pictures of Demi and Ashton on a camping trip at Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara yesterday.

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suZen Thanks for the thoughts. My cmtoenms were based on my perceptions. I gave Ashton props the other day Friday I believe for actually being real. The primary person with whom I was disappointed was Oprah.She's the most powerful woman in the world, especially the media world, and she doesn't know enough about this conversational tool to click UPDATE?Gimme a break. She spends more on handlers and aides in a year than you and I make in a decade. If you're going to be the beacon for social media tools to your millions of viewers and fans, learn the stuff.A simple call to me or even some off-air time with Ashton would have put her in better stead to show the world what Twitter is all about.Thanks for reading.Jeff


let's stop with the sexist age comments. until you apply the same logic to the disgustingly superficial, womanizing, and appallingly perverse hugh heffner for his "age difference" issues (the least of the problems there) or to other men like leonardo di caprio or george clooney, let's keep it real: some people, and some men in particular, do not have integrity and are too insecure and egotistical (need to constantly prove to themselves they are desirable and collect attention like a hobby, or use infedelity to avoid deeper emotional blocks or problems in themselves or in the relationship) to make the choice to be faithful to their partner, regardless of her age.THe majority of infidelity happens after all between similarly-aged partners. Let's tell the truth here and stop projecting our sexist bias onto Demi.


What rubbish is this ? age.?...younger woman..?...Too old..?..Have you forgotten that there is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.
The top and bottom of this (if completely true ) is that AK was childish enough not to be able to keep his pants zipped, and his wife DM deserves better.
As an older wife that was also cheated on I have the answer......Put all his belongings into a black trash bag and chuck it all out onto the front step.
Then Demi should get on her best bib and tucker and get back into the dating game.
By the way... AK did not make love to Miss Leal.. he just "shagged her " There is a difference.


I TOTALLY believe that Ashton and Demi's marriage is NOW OVER!!! Once the (divorce) dust settles, Demi needs to find herself a new that's WAY CLOSER to her own age!!! Hey, here's a (future) idea...if Bruce's current marriage doesn't work out, then Bruce and Demi ougtta get back together again. FUTURE HOLLA!!! Not only did Bruce and Demi bring out the VERY BEST in each other, they NEVER EVER should have gone SPLITSVILLE!!!!! Most of all, Bruce and Demi were CRAZY for letting each other get away. Ashton, dude, the same rule applies to you too...find yourself a new gal who's MORE CLOSER to your own age once you and Demi's divorce becomes final. From what I hear, some of these May-Deccmber relationships DO NOT work!! At all.


Wait till Bruce Willis hears about this matter....He'll come and clean Ashton's clock a couple of rounds. Even though Bruce and Demi split years ago, it is apparent that Bruce loves Demi completely and will be upset that Ashton banged a 22 year old fame slut.


Demi Moore needs to find a new child star to date and marry


he needs a younger vagina with fresh eggs he needs a whole lotta younger vagina's don't stick your penis is just one box


Couldnt have said it better myself!! He got with her wen he first hit stardom&he was like damn demi moore but tides have changed. He needs younger,baby producing woman such as myself!! LOL


I said this before to the "cougar", be glad he stayed with you as long as he did, he deserves to have his own children and demi is way too old!!


Old mama Demi, leave young boy Ashton to marry young productive woman and bear children 4 him.abeg,i no fit shout,u'r too damn old.u alredy have ur children,leave the boy to go have his.

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