Bruce Willis: Pissed at Ashton Kutcher!

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Bruce Willis gets along incredibly well with ex-wife Demi Moore. Kelsey and Camille Grammer this formerly married couple is not, as they've been known to vacation together with their children and new significant others.

These trips have included Ashton Kutcher, of course. Willis and Moore's latest husband are pals, as evidenced by the 2008 photo below. Or they were pals, at least, prior to Ashton getting his Sara Leal on.

Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

“When Bruce found out he flipped,” an insider tells Britain’s Now magazine about Kutcher's infidelity. “Bruce believes if you mess with someone he loves, you mess with him. He trusted Ashton not to hurt his family and is planning to give him a piece of his mind. When he finally catches up with him it won’t be pretty.”

You have seen Die Hard, right, Ashton? What about Die Hard 2? Or Die Hard 3? Make a run for it, man.


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Lets get real do you real belive Bruce is so up set at ashton to hit him?.. a relatioship takes two. She has had 3 failures. She needs help loving herself and being comfortable with her age. He is to young and has a lot in life to learn yet. Don,t rob a cradle than expect A man .


PITY DEMI MOORE BEING CHEATED BY LASTEST PREVIOUS 2 HUSBANDS. congratulations to you the beautiful woman, demi moore, you are one of the happiest woman in the world. you are away from all these are not real man, womanizers, & liars, you have paid your bad debts. Cheers!


Here is a no talent bum who's angled himself into superstardom, by using more naive people to take advantage. He's crap. Shame on Demi for being such a fool. I thought she was more intelligent than that.


They are not the REAL MEN. Cheaters and womanizers! Pity Demi Moore!
Cheers! Demi Moore, you find your TRUE HAPPINESS. Love and Hugs!


oh well, Bruce was the first one to leave the ol' lady, & she just didn't do well with Kutcher either! I'm not mean in the contrary, I think the lady is ok but not with Bruce & not with Kutcher. I guess she was just too greedy with Kutcher or with Bruce, she needs somebody easy & simple, like somebody not so famous. All this hanging around the cameras didn't do any good to her skin or her poor lil' mind. She's not uptown, she's downtown.


Correction: the video seems to be about for the song itself, well it is a Bob Dylan voice, only worse, and not likely about that specifically.


Fathers of girls don't care how old they get, they will always be under their fathers protection. "Mess with me all you want. Mess with my family, I'm comming for your back teeth, your eyes, and your ass." Forget about it! Go buy a plot now!
Kutcher never learned that, too bad for you, Kutcher; you penis head! You got Charlie's job, and thought you could act like him,you Jerk. Hey Kutcher, you got a poster on your wall of Jessey James? What a fool you are. Demi is a lady, and you treat her like Lindsay Lohan.
Bruce, as much pleasure as it might be to pound a hole in his face, DON"T do it. Hire a couple of guys from back home. They will use WOODEN bats and burn the bats after.


Not our business, unless you see inappropriate activity where Bruce & Demis children are concerned. Otherwise, leave these people to handle their own situation. Only They know the black, the white, & THE GRAY (TRUTH) of the matter.
As far as 2 1/2 men.... Charlie Sheen was getting payed to portray his real life persona, minus the drug use. All the sudden Chuck Lorre started boo hooing about his own reality. Get over it. Charlie Sheen made everyone on that show, who they are with exception of "Berta" , she's always awesome, and " Jenny McArthy" she's just disgusting, always!!!! Enjoy your day people!


Look for what's going on ! Either they shared Demi or each other. they are way too cool.


What did Demi expect she was acting like a cougar. All cougar should know htey are just renting these younger guys. As soon as they get older the younger guy is going to look elsewhere and go elsewhere for his sex. I just have to laugh becasue I saw this coming when they got married. Going to Bruce and Demi they cheated on each other all the time thats why they are not married anymore. What comes around goes around.

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