Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Spotted Together!

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A week after spending their sixth wedding anniversary apart, and days after a tabloid story exploded the Internet with rumors of their demise, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were spotted at the same place on Friday.

Described as "tense," but each donning his/her wedding ring, the stars attended a private meeting at a Los Angeles-area Kaballah center, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

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Sorry, Demi. Ashton may have already moved on.

The couple has received "counseling from Kabbalah over the summer to try to fix their marriage," another insider claimed last week, leading many to believe Moore and Kutcher might still try to work this out, despite reports that the latter gave it to Sara Leal in a San Diego Hotel on September 23.

Then again, we really shouldn't make that assumption, right, Ashton? Via Twitter, the socially inept actor warned that one makes "an ASS out of U and ME" when one does so. Our bad, man.

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Aston is one of the sharpest comic brains of the MTV punk'd generation. Saw their interview on Pierce Morgan. Just wanted to shout out to Demi, stay cool and keep it together girl...
love hurts Anthony


All of this crap splattered all over the internet & all of those sorry tabloids make me sick. They need to leave people's personal lives alone. Everyone has problems here & there, there is absolutely no reason for the media to mess with people's lives. Rather any of this crap is true or not, it's none of our business. I like Ashton & Demi & it is their business & no one elses. They seem like a very happy couple & I hope they survive all of this crap...Don't buy any of these garbage magazines & maybe they will eventually go under...they are always so sensational usually with the tinyest bit fo truth & a whole bunch of lies.


Mandy what is it that you knew ? stupid seems like you get a high from from gossips that are not true , go get a life .


I really dont belive they are getting Divorce. We really shouldn,t
Make that assumption


These 2 are manipulating everyone. Just a couple of media wh@res. Ashton has a new show and Demi has a new movie to promote. It's all about promoting the latest product. Everyone buys into it all the time. I wish they would just eveaporate into the ether....


He'd be an idiot to let his marriage fail so dismally. I just don't believe it.Just another wannabe trying to interfere in a marriage where she has no business.


EXACTLY! Why it's taking so long for people to realize that is amazing. The STORY LINE on 2 1/2 men is that Ashton's character IS GETTING A DIVORCE. So they want everyone to think it's true in real life too, that way the connection will be made. Wake up people! It's a STUNT!!!


Demi is such a narcissistic, egomaniacal idiot that she would rather desperately hold onto this dick to preserve her image than set him free to have a life. Desperate and sad.


OMG...this old gristly, crone needs to let this immature, dumb douchelord go. He is desperate to escape. CRRRRReeeepy.


Some of these women (usually young asnd blonde single women) make these allegations to try to break up marriages in western white dominated countries. Some blacks in America sauy that these women make these allegations just because they feel happy about breaking up a marriages. An example the black families give is the wife of Tiger Woods, who is reasdy to divorce to catch anotother guy. Guess what? They are right in that these women make wild allegations because they know that these blondes making allegations will be even more in demand from other men if they manage to break up these marriages. In short, some of these women making these allegations to break up marriages are like poison.

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