Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to Divorce, Tabloid Claims

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Star Magazine refuses to believe that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore could have a happy marriage.

In its latest issue of lies, the tabloid revisits the topic it focused on a year ago: Kutcher's allegedly cheating ways and how, finally, Moore has had enough. The result? One of the more expensive splits in Hollywood history, if this cover headline is to somehow be believed:

A Demi Divorce?!?

On September 23, Moore Tweeted "When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger." Hmmm...

The latest rumor revolves around Ashton getting it on with some random woman named Sara Leal. She is reportedly trying to sell details of their tryst for $250,000.

It's unclear how much Britney Spears wants to discuss her affair with the new Two and a Half Men star, likely because it never took place.

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Dosent anyone stay together anymore what is with all these celebrites geting divorces


I feel very bad for both of them if this is true. But, I think it would be better if they look for someone in their own age group.




To Linda Oct 4 - you need to spend less time reading tabloids and more time learning how to spell.


I believe that Ashton And Demi really loved each other because they would not have gotton married. When you truly love someone nothing else matters not even there age difference. love comes from the heart thats what brought them together. what happened was that they got to cought up in there career they did not make time for each other and thats why they drifted apart. And Ashton cheated on Demi
and that was very disrespectful, althow I feel the reason why he did it was because Demi did not make time for him. so the cheating made them devorce. So my advice is dont get married if your not going make time for each other, because once you drift apart it might be to late. allways be respectful and allways make time to love each other.


Demi is a awesome actress,Ashton is a piece of crap.I say good for Demi for dumping his disrespectful butt.It does not matter the age of a person,Its the quality of the person intregrety that matters.Ashton is a knucle head,He will never find anyone like Demi again.She has put up with alot of garbage from that LOSER,Any women who dates him needs to have her head examined.He will never change,Once a cheating LOSER always a cheating LOSER.LADIES beware LOSER on the loose.....


Who gives a shit! STAR MAG, totally has it out for Demi and Ashton.Its probably all B.S. Why is it that in Hollywood its ok for some couple to have huge gaps and not acceptable for others?


We see this again and again. The 'I'm different, we're different' claims by the 'cougars',(what an ugly reference)never works. It's based on physical attraction, young men who need 'pretty Mom's' and women who want to show 'they're still youthful and desirable'. They aren't and 'aging gracefully' would have them see better outcomes.
The 'age/maturity'can't be denied to get on day to day. AK is a sloppy, cute, silly young man trying to appear 'deep' on shows w/Demi.(it doesn't work) Her 'look'is so brittle as he speaks, she wants to 'take over'. She's an aggressive woman, not working, he's in demand for the week. The other failing, she's waiting for him all the time.
Ladies, wise up. These youngsters only make you look desparate and weak.MLW


I think that Ashton would be better off without Demi. Demi seems too pushy and controlling. Also, Demi is good friends with Madonna, who is nothing but a rude and dried-up looking CONTROL FREAK!!! We all know how Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie turned out..DIVORCEVILLE!!! Most of all, I liked Demi LOTS BETTER when she was married to SEXY, MUSCULAR AND BALD-HEADED Bruce Willis...HOLLA!!! The Bottom Line: Ashton and Demi's marriage is OVER!!! Period.


you just need a little bit of respect to be faithful to your wife. my husband is 12 years older than me, i have met many young guys that wants to be with me but because i respect my husband and say NO to them. if i want other men bcos they are younger and sexy, then i have to divorce first. i dont know why men dont have common sence. no matter how you see it, this is adultry. a you are married to young or older woman, respect should be involved because you choose to go in for the marriage.

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