T.I. Legal Challenge Negged By Prison Officials

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Looks like T.I. is stuck in prison, at least for now.

Prison officials in Atlanta put the kibosh on the legal challenge to the decision to yank the rap star back to prison immediately following his Aug. 31 release.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons told T.I.'s lawyer he was "not entitled to legal counsel" in the process by which officials review the decision to lock him up.

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Authorities remanded him into federal custody for failing to disclose that his trip to a halfway house would be on a pimp ass tour bus with cameras in tow.

T.I., wife Tameka Cottle and even the halfway house officials insist he did nothing wrong, but the prison officials have refused to budge on this matter.

T.I.'s attorney originally sent the Bureau a letter last week, asking to be present at the hearings that would decide his client's fate. He was turned down.

Two hearings have already occurred without T.I.'s lawyer present, one last week and one the week before. It's unclear what transpired at either meeting.

For now, however, he remains locked up, though his sentence is set to expire in October, so before long, he should be free to roll out - tour bus and all.


What a bunch of BS. Back in jail for getting on a tour bus? "Not entitled to legal counsel"? Yeah. Sounds really reasonable.


Racism and racism, it is sad that the state of Georgia i live in, has a bad thing for black men. But TI should know that by now, shit! They dont like black men that trying to do better things in life. Maybe if most of our black men will stop being lazy and get a real job like: finishing high school, going to college, then their career will have a better chance in life and stay away from drugs. Also it is sad that we have black people in georgia, who hate on each other. All because of the white people from down south from years,made us turn on one another. We can do better my black people.

Team me

Yeah, it must suck when you're a celebrity and you're being treated like a normal person rather than like you're some kind of god. Darn this legal system of ours! It's just not fair! Every celebrity should get the Lindsay Lohan treatment.
What the fuck ever.


White man getttinf jealous that black man is making money via black enterprise. Yucky.


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