Stacey Dash and Emmanuel Xuereb: Divorced!

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Clueless actress Stacey is officially divorced from her husband Emmanuel Xuereb.

A judge finally granted her divorce from the loser she claims beat her up on multiple occasions. Stacey Dash filed for divorce in January 2010, the same day she filed for a restraining order against Emmanuel.

Stacey claimed that Xuereb had hit her in the face, head and body during their two-plus years of marriage, but she was afraid to report it to police.

In any case, the marriage - which was Dash's third - is officially over now.

Stacey Dash and Emmanuel Xuereb

The now-former spouses back in happier times.



I know Emmanuel and he's a decent guy - I'm sure the girl simply pushed his buttons once too often, thinking he couldn't do anything and that she was the boss. Instead he gave her a good whuppin and unfortuantely, women have p$%^^ified America to the point where they actually think they can do just about anything. Even if that means pushing the buttons of the husband they should put on a pedastal and worship.

@ Joey

@Joey mixed ethnicity couples are no longer an oddity, so people can't say it was a race or background difference. I say this not because you mentioned it, but because no matter the race or culture of the man, "mixed race black women" seem to have the most difficulty maintaining a relationship! ( Halle Berry is a "perfect example") They carry a LOT of "baggage", some of it self inflicted! Many slide into the "I'm a BADA** BLACK WOMAN fallacy, and poison their own happiness by bringing negative ,abusive patterns into what could be a healthy relationship! I dated someone "known" in hollywood circles that fits that same description-multi ethnic, but often self described as a "black actress". She had the same issues I described in Stacey Dash. And like Stacey Dash and Halle Berry, she later sought out and chased after men she knew would eventually emotionally or physically abuse her. If they can't find men like that,they push the men who love them into physically stressful events that lead to altercations, then turn around and claim they were "abused" Wesley Snipes character in "Jungle Fever" called them "a bunch of mixed NUTS", and in the black community we tend to agree.....


What a jerk!!!! Good for you Stacey!! Happier times are coming girl!


Stacey Dash is one of the most beautiful women in show business. Hopefully with future relationships she will recognize her own self worth, and allow herself the "pleasure" of dating men who appreciate her for the talented and worthy person that she is. PEACE!!

@ Leo

Met Stacey Dash back in 1994 at a friends home in West LA. She's a B list actor and drama queen who prefers A hole white guys! ( that night she was going through some mess with an "MC Serch" looking wannabe who kept calling the house and hassling her, after getting her sistah girl cry on with her "angry black women circle"and whining about how the dude "abused her", SHE LEFT THE HOUSE WHEN THE SANE CLOWN CAME TO PICK HER UP!!!End result, us "inferior black men who were still at the house and "didn't understand" caught HELL in the ensuing post "black barbie stacey" conversation-more like one sided argument!) Three times divorced??? What does that tell you? Bad choices or problem woman?? Or both!Kim Kardashian can multiple marry, which is a monthly occurrence to the "negro boy toy "she finds( really brotha's , what do you see in that nasty fake body parts having, armenian hooker???!!!!) But Stacey is in her 40s and a mom-she's supposed to know better. Dash chose the hollywood lifestyle, but you see her possible mental defect in 2012 when she publicly backed the "kill the poor" GOP presidential candidate Mitt "f' the 47%" Romney and his boywonder( spelled boy weeny) Paul Ryan. Mean while, the A list actresses she's type cast against, Jada Pinkett Smith, and the older and other equally crazy"mixed race" black chick Halle Berry, backed the WINNER Barack Obama!! ( take a hint from real #1s like Beyonce, she visits the white house frequently, but do you think you,Stacey, would have been invited by Romney or Ryan? You're a multi divorcee, single black momma who's done some shabby b-films and shown your "wares" in print and on big screen, ooops! "DVD"


Stacey Dash and Emmanuel Xuereb Officially Divorce, recent statement


Dam u would think girl after about 2 marriages u can just stop marrying wife beaters we know u see the signs before it came to this another Stupid Broad to me...