Lady Gaga Honors Jamey Rodemeyer

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Lady Gaga moved us last night at the iheartradio music festival when she performed a tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer, a young fan who committed suicide last week.

"We lost a little monster this week and I wanted to dedicate this song to him tonight," Gaga said of the teenager, before belting out an eight-minute, stripped-down, yet still spirited version of "Hair," her anthem of individuality.

Watch the singer's full, moving performance right here:

Mid-song, Lady Gaga said "Jamey, I know you're up there looking on us, and you're not a victim, you're a lesson to all of us ... Bullying is for losers."

Rodemeyer was only 14 when he took his own life last Sunday, following online bullying (specifically gay slurs) for a year. He considered Gaga his idol.

As celebrities go, he certainly could do worse. R.I.P.


2,000 people just look at her and see a perosn who is different from them.2,000 people just see her head and reckon she is a freak.Fortunately, 11,171 people see a bold, courageous, incedible female who has learned to like in ways that so many people cannot, who is blessing us with her beauty, in appearance and voice.We like you Gaga!Keep on rockin'! xx


R.I.P. Jamie and kudos to Lady GaGa for the amazing tribute. What's more there is always so much meaning behind her music, listen and keep it close to your heart. =)


Thanks for telling people not to bully. But as for(who choose the way = they want to be.) If your Gay you don't choose it.. Trust me!! I was born that way, if I had a choice it would not be that.


Naprawde wielka szkoda...Jamey teraz już nikt i nic Cie nie obchodzi...spoczywaj w spokoju...


As Parents for are Responsible for our kids. ASK HOW THEIR DOING IN SCHOOL AND IF U GET A RESPONCE THAT JUST DOESNT DO IT FOR U GO TO THE SCHOOL ONE TRIP CAN MAKE A DIFFRENCE U'd be amazed at what u find. And half of these bullies are punks, cuz its all almost always more then one fightin or bulling on 1 helpless kid.


America needs to put out the word more often= If you bully our young teens or peoples= You should have been charged with felionious assult charges= young teens are unsure of what will happen = if they choose thier gender= America,= Land of the Free and The Brave!


We should stop all BIAS in the world - It starts with GOVERNMENT on down - considering they are the most bias Listen to the words of LADY GAGA song "BORN THIS WAY"
We all have the right to live our lives the way we want - this is AMERICA, the last I remember


America= has enough problems= Please consider all peoples have the freedom to be who= and what they want to be! Quit bullying the peoples who choose the way = they want to be!=R.I.P.Jamie:(*

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