Kim Kardashian Goes Gold, Promotes Fragrance, Breasts

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Let's give Kim Kardashian credit: she didn't make any indirect reference to the Ku Klux Klan in her latest ad campaign.

Following the PR debacle that was her and her siblings' Kardashian Kollection press release, the reality star is focusing on what she does best: showing off cleavage.

Check out Kim's new promotional photo her new fragrance, Gold. It pretty much sums up the basis for her fame, doesn't it?

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Ad

Kim says the perfume makes her feel "sexy," which we believe is what Ray J said soon after giving it to Kardashian on video.

The fragrance, meanwhile, combines grapefruit with pink peppercorn and... look, if you actually purchase this item, you might as well go straight from the department store to a psychologist's couch. You need help.

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To wtf? These losers have called me names so I can "talk Shit" to anyone I please. Haven't you heard of fairness? If it is okay for them to insult me then I can insult them back. If they are entitled to their opinions so am I. I didn't ask for your opinion either. Let them go ahead and hate. In their sick little minds it makes them feel good. Since I was not referring to you it seems rather rude of you to admonish me for " talking shit" and I will talk anyway I choose the same way as they have done . Have a good day ! O:-)


@teamkim - "They are so negatively opinionated and they get mad when anyone tells them what they don't want to hear. Then they act hostile and rude and defend their hateful attitudes." Wake up - that's EXACTLY what you have been doing. You have been hostile and completely rude to people just because they don't feel the same way about the Kardashians as you do. PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINIONS, even if you don't agree with them. Don't talk shit about others when you are doing the exact same thing as they are.


Couldn't agree more, Eva. It is just pathetic how they bad mouth someone they never even met personally.


Totally Agreed teamkim...Not to mention that these people don't understand the fact that, in the world of fame... "Any publicity is GOOD publicity." LOL


They are so negatively opinionated and they get mad when anyone tells them what they don't want to hear. Then they act hostile and rude and defend their hateful attitudes. Losers.... I know Kim and her family. probably do not worry about being hated so they are wasting their time.


Fo Sho Sista!!!! Team KIM, Team KIM, Team KIM!!!!!!


whoops! Type error. I meant to type jealous not jelious. Anyway, You are one of the few rational people here. Most are insane with hatred. Ans you ate right. They are only doing what anyone else would do. And they are hated for that?! Mason is a doll and I love Kourtney and Scott. What is this world coming to when so many people hate people they never even met?


I love all of the Kardashians and the Jenners too. Ot is generally people who are jealius and insecure and miserable with their own lives that pick apart the Kardashians and ridicule them.I can not believe how disrespectful they are!!! Robert Kardashian died from esophageal cancer in 2003 at age 58. That is so sad!!! Just because he was the Attorney for OJ they made hateful comments about him. They are so damn hateful and they do not even understand that accused murderers are entitled by law to have an atty for their defense.


Thank You so much teamkim! These haters just don't get it...I love all the KARDASHIANS Starting with Robert SR.(R.I.P),Kourtney,Kim,Khloe and Robert JR.I love all the Jenners... Bruce, Kris ,Kendall and Kiley. I even love Scott ,Khris Humphries and Lamar. And lets not leave out lil'Mason. And who ever made that disgusting comment about Robert SR? Great job showing your ignorance towards a dead man. But these people are only doing what anyone else that had the chance to do, would do and why not? They are the go getters while some just sit at home and bash the go getters instead of being a go getter.


Love ya too Eva!


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