Elizabeth Olsen Covers Nylon

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Her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley may have been celebrities since birth, but Elizabeth Olsen insists that their fame never affected the family dynamic.

"I consider myself so very lucky to have such a normal family," the youngest Olsen sis and Martha Marcy May Marlene actress tells October's Nylon.

The 22-year-old, who attended a private school in Beverly Hills for 13 years, says she was surrounded by "super-creative" kids. Rich, famous kids.

Elizabeth Olsen Nylon Cover

"The weird thing is that everyone's family was a part of this industry," she says. "Everyone is always like, 'What have you learned from your sisters?'"

"But it didn't really have to do with my sisters at all. Like, my best friend's father [Rick Baker] is a makeup-artist, but he's won seven Oscars!"

"Another one of my friends, her family created Days of Our Lives." She credits her father, David, for instilling the values of hard work in the girls.

"It was always very important that his daughters take care of themselves, be financially independent. He never liked the idea of us needing a man."

She may never be AS financially secure as her sisters, whose GDP is that of a small continent. But have you seen Elizabeth Olsen in GQ? HOT!

Which of the Olsens would you most like to ...


Well, she's gorgeous - definitely a Michelle Pfeiffer look about her. But she really does look much older! If she was 35, she'd look fabulous, but 22? Wow.


She's usually so pretty, but here she looks like a terrified hostage...wtf?


Unbelievable that they make millions as fashion role models for teenage girls who believe dressing like "winos" is attractive to us men!


They all look like little trolls. How about a "none!" button for your question?


She looks like Mary-Kate with a thinner nose. I hope she has her own sence of fashion and dont go down the hobo-boho style road that her sisters are going down cuz that outfit is a No No.


22? She looks at least 50 on that cover, wow.

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