Douglas Booth on Miley Cyrus: Hardworking, Frugal, Never His Girlfriend

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Douglas Booth co-stars in LOL with Miley Cyrus. But has the actor ever done more than rehearse lines with the actress... if you know what we mean?

No, Booth says in a new interview, despite rumors from last summer.

Douglas Booth in Varón

"I thought it might happen," the actor oddly says in the latest issue of Varón. "One morning, I had a call from Luke, my publicist, going, ‘The papers are saying you’re dating Miley Cyrus. Is it true?’ But no, the rumors weren’t true.”

Fair enough, but what can Booth tell us about Miley in general?

“She’s very hardworking. She’s like a 30-year-old in her mind. She made [over] $20 million last year, but she’s very down to earth and very humble. You know, she broke her iPhone and her mom wouldn’t give her a new one, and Miley was like, ‘Oh gosh, how much is that gonna cost?’ And I’m like, ‘Um, sorry?’ She doesn’t waste her money at all. She drives a Hybrid... as opposed to having a fleet of cars like I would. I’m not going to lie.”

Cyrus made more news this week via a spread in Prestige.


Douglas is hot and meant for miley ,in the movie U̶̲̥̅̊ could feel the love btween dem even wen dey kissed. Dey shud date


i think she should date douglas he is cute and she is too they look like they both liked each other at the party after the set and p.s i am a girl


I love miley cyrus to death.shes a awsome person,singer,actress, & role model.douglas is nice but miley belongs with liam #miam 4ever


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