Miley Cyrus Really Might Be Dating Douglas Booth

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When Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth, many fans wondered about the reasons behind this split.

One rumor: Cyrus had fallen for LOL co-star Douglas Booth. It seemed like mere speculation at the time, as the only proof of a romance between this pair was an anonymous bartender's eyewitness account of their behavior during a night out.

But now the following photo has surfaced, which depicts movie cast members posing for a group photo. Draw your own conclusions from the way Booth is holding Miley:

Miley, New Boyfriend?

Earlier in the week, Cyrus, Booth and Ashley Greene splashed around Paris while filming scenes for the upcoming film. The man with his arms around Miley in the picture above looked mighty cozy with her in those, too.

See for yourself.


To Be Honest I Think That They Would Be Better Than Miley And Liam


I Think That The Movie Was Great 9.5/ 10 For Me, And Also Love The Face-booking Parts!! And I Just LOVE The Actors Miley And Douglas Booth Look Sooo Cuite Together>.


@Who cares: To You my posts may seem like they take a long,long,time. For You they might. For me---they take only a few minutes...You forget---I write for a living...I have one that's a 1000 pages long. This stuff here---ain't even a hard sprint...This is just as natural as breathing...It also may seem to be the same stuff over-and-over again,however,if you notice---I'm merely picking-apart your post. You did all the work---I just had to bring attention to it...You had a lot of pieces---that's why it seems so infinite...
BTW: Since you seem to like her---Did you catch your girl Selena on 92.7 KIIS FM the Ryan Seacrest show this AM? She did a great job...You see---I have nothing against her. But for me---there's absolutely no-one like---Miley...
Yep. It's that time. So come-on and say-it with me since you like to copy it on other posts(Lol!) Later all;Hollywood---out...


Okay Hollywood you win!! This was awesome though... the mere anticipation of your Miley-Defence was awesome, but its getting extremely boring and monotonous, you say the same stuff over and over again and your posts are way too long. I am looking for another Fan1-of-Someone to torment. Oh and just so you know, its really seems like you don't have much of a life,the way you are constantly posting long comments... and yeah l don't too lm on the holidays and lm fucking BORED!! but that's your business!!!
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Who Cares??? So, most men who love kids are pedophiles. That means fifty percent or more of all men who love kids are pedophiles, that's a lot. Your statement unjustly victimizes a vast number of men. Statements that blanket groups usually have that result. I hope that if you gave it a little more thought, you would not of expressed it as you did.


@Hollywood the story s actually quite long l just assumed you knew it, my apologies... To shorten it... A man is bathing in the river and a madman runs off with his clothes and he starts chasing him naked all over the village, the argument was so is this 1 fool and 1 normal person are are they both fools? Get it???? In relation to @Claires comment l mean, fighting with a fool using his language only makes people wonder; "So Who is the fool...?"


I agree, its like the person who gets his clothes grabbed by a fool and starts chasing him..... the person becomes a fool as well!!
Children are being exposed to a lot of bad things these days and a lot of bad people too... Hilton is a nut job, he knows very well that most of Mileys fans are children and yet he continues to violate her verbally and even to the extent of posting degrading pictures of her... l dont get some people!!


... And thats how we talk to misguided 12 and 11 year olds.... Wow @blaize AND @Dee l enjoyed your comments, l am a firm believer that kids are better taught by demonstration you lash out at them using vile language they lash back. Im glad some youngsters are on the right track

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