Dancing With the Stars Results: Did Chaz Get Booted?

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An injured Chaz Bono was treading on thin ice ... and inflamed knees.

He and partner Lacey Schwimmer ended up with the lowest score of the week Monday - 17 points - for their quickstep, which the judges all agreed was too slow.

When the audience's votes were factored in along with the scores, did the show's first transgender contestant get the boot Tuesday night on the results show?

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer
Elisabetta Canalis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
David Arquette and Kym Johnson

Chaz was in the bottom three as America cast votes following Monday's performances, along with (drum roll please) ... Elisabetta Canalis and David Arquette.

Arquette and Bono? Not a big shocker right there.

Canalis joining them was a bit of a surprise, given her improvement this week. But that's DWTS for you. So who got the axe when the results were unveiled?

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Elisabetta Canalis, despite a solid score of 21 Monday, couldn't muster the votes to stay. Is America just jealous that this woman dated George Clooney?

"It was a great adventure, I want to thank everybody," the Italian TV presenter said.

Her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy said, "I'm so proud of you. I wish I did better for you."

Canalis and Metta World Peace can form a support group of contestants we expected to do better. Fair or not, they're on the outside looking in at this point.

Do you agree with Elisabetta's elimination? It is, after all, America's call. The scores do carry weight, but only partially. She didn't close the deal with voters.

Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars with Elisabetta gone?


Chaz is still a woman. She still has her female organs. She can't stand up to pee, so she can't claim manhood. I am not impressed with this charade. I hope that the Dancing with the stars judges can bring back last night's voted off dancer. She is a true performer.


How disappointing that Chaz is still in the competition when she can't even dance. One of the best dancers was voted off last night when Chaz should have been voted off last week. So not honest voting by the public. Come on folks, lets give these votes to the best dancer and keep the popularity contest out of this dance competition.


This has become a really popularity contest, not the best dancer. It is not as enjoyable as in the past!!! Perhaps the judges should have the last say on who is to go. You know that some of these people have a huge following and will vote for them, no matter what!
Admirable that some of these, dancers (?) want to participle. They are not dancers at all. It is more that they are there to make a statement.


I chose not to watch DWTS this season because of Chaz Bono being a contestant.


It's 2011 but it does not mean we should condone sin. Exactly! Sin is Sin and the Truth is the Truth.


dancing with the stars?were are the stars?bristol paylin?the situatation?chaz..it?what the hell..at least it was funny when u had people on there like master p who made it fun to watch..well it was fun to watch bristol actually gain weight..but yeah this is kinda turning into a freak show....


Almost forgot... @nelly
You r an a$$. I'm curious though. What did she do with all of her girl parts? That sickens me. It's way worse than fake boobs. I've met plenty of dikes that look like her. I doubt, given Cher's finances, that they would have extensive surgery simply to be referred to by a male pronoun. Chaz (LMAO)


Here we go again. Does anyone know what a star is? Yeah I know Nancy Grace "stars" on a tabloid news show. Not sure I want to watch her dance. Not sure that I would ever refer to her as a star. I'm not hating on Chas, but I'm not gawking either. Sorry, but all the surgery in the world won't make you a man. Didn't I see you at Wal-Mart? Is it normal to eat an entire bag of Cheeze-Its when you watch this show?


It's 2011 but it does not mean we should condone sin.



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