Chaz Bono Losing Weight, Working Out Like a Madman For Dancing With the Stars

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Chaz Bono has said that the considerable backlash against him joining Dancing With the Stars this season only motivates him to work harder.

Apparently so. He's lost five pounds just six days of rehearsals.

People reports that Bono is being whipped into shape by his partner, 23-year-old former So You Think You Can Dance finalist Lacey Schwimmer.

Bono’s weight loss is a result of adding dancing into his regular routine, and is not a result of any dietary changes - but he still diets ardently.

Chaz Works Out

Bono has reportedly been adamant that some of the junk food on the show's rehearsal sets - courtesy of producers - could be thwarting his diet.

Chips, candy, granola and protein bars? Not gonna cut it. He has already made some very specific food requests in an effort to get into top shape.

He may not have the dance background (according to mom Cher) but it sounds like Bono is determined to put every ounce of effort into this.

Chaz on Dancing With the Stars: What's your take?


Chaz seems like a wonderful MAN who is being true to himself. Just look at how his eyes dance when he smiles. He is finally happy and at peace with himself and his body. It took guts to compete on Dancing with the Stars despite knowing that some people would disapprove. Kudos to you Chaz. You an inspiration to us all with your message to the world. It rings loud and clear! Be strong! Do what is best for YOU as you only live once!


Real Man (LOL at that) Chaz is legally, mentally and physically a man. Sometimes mistakes are made during a human's incubation process. An extra or missing limb, conjoined twins, etc... In this case, he was born with the wrong sexual organs.


Your a ignorant cunt and deserve to suffocate slowly on bleach do us all a favor and choke yourself thanks


No Stephanie, there will be no explanations needed unless you go out of your way to make it a big deal. If you're that worried, turn the channel. Sorry "real man" it's quite obvious that Chaz is more of a man than you've ever been despite all the mental gymnastics you attempt to perform in justifying your bigoted opinion.


I don't see how anything would have to be's not like he's going to be out there dancing nude and showing off surgery scars...Either kids know who Chaz is and what his story is, or they don't know who he is and really don't care one way or the other. It's a guy dancing, as far as they care. YOU would be the one pointing out that he used to be a woman, and then YOU would be the one explaining something. Fortunately, my kids already know about transgendered people, homosexual people, cross dressing people. I didn't have to explain anything, but just let them get to know PEOPLE, and learn that everyone is different. Maybe I can send my kids over to give yours a lesson in tolerance and love?


Real man, you sound like a real dweeb. The only time Chaz was lost and confused was when he was trying to live as a woman. He is not a mutilated anything, he is a man who is living his life happily and fully. He needs no sympathy and he gets nothing but kudos from me for being true to himself! Stephanie Avila, what do you or anyone have to explain? How you think its wrong for a person to be true to themselves and live the life they were meant to live or should he go back into a closet, just so you can feel comfortable? Thumbs up to Mary Walker, if I were one of your kids or grand kids etc... I would be real proud to claim you! I love all the other positive comments being made too. Thanks for speaking up. kka, Sometimes the non-issue stuff is made into an issue; like what is happening here. It would be better for our country if folks would concentrate on the job issues and such over things such as Chaz dancing or not.


I'm already sick of reading about dear Chaz. Let's pay attention to issues we need to address
in this world, like joblessness, child abuse, crime, etc.


why would u HAVE to explain anything he looks like a man sounds like a man wgaf if he wants 2 dance. and as far as hes a mutilated woman...& unhappy bla blah blah...look at old pics he LOOKS happier now maybe the ones who r saying he has mental issues are using him to cover up ur own mental incapabilities. Grow the hell up ppl half of america is gay or transgendered u gonna stop ur kids from goin outside & interacting in school cuz believe me theres gay kids there too! U judgemental ppl are just as ignorant as the comments u make.


This story keeps showing up on my news app. It appears to me that a young man is being judged negatively for being true to himself and for taking a chance to better himself. What else is the point of living? Be yourself, improve yourself, enjoy yourself, be a good example of your beliefs are and do good. He is, be happy for him.
And unless your beliefs include being judgemental, negative and belittling leave the man be. Consider that your comments are a reflection of yourself


why do people feel they will have to explain Chaz used to be a women to there kids. Now adays kids dont care about that. Im a great grandma and I would support my family if one of them had a sex change.

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