Britney Spears: Rocking Engagement Ring! Still Not Engaged to Jason Trawick!

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If we've learned anything over the years, it's that Britney Spears occasionally loves wearing huge, diamond jewelery on her left ring finger.

But that doesn't mean she's engaged people! Geez!

The singer fueled the semi-annual Jason Trawick engagement rumors Friday when she stepped out in London with a HUGE ROCK! Peep it:

Britney Waves

Spears flaunts a giant ring and gets the rumor mill buzzing at BBC Radio 1.

Look at that BLING! Although the two denied reports that Jason Trawick was planning to propose to the pop queen (again), you have to wonder if he will.

It's been a long, serious relationship at this stage, and if anyone's familiar with her very complicated past and present life situation, it's her former agent.

Not yet, though. Upon closer inspection, while the ring is clearly mammoth and no doubt expensive as heck, it's not an engagement ring. We don't think. Look:

Britney Spears' New Engagement Ring?

Britney Spears wouldn't rock a yellow engagement ring, right?

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Well she does not look fat at all. Her hands look fine. Her nails are not painted, she has a ponytail and a plain ole plaid shirt on so what big deal. Her life her hands her hair her clothes


Britney Spears should NEVER have custody of the boys!!!!! She is a poor excuse for a mother! That is why she doesn't have custody in the first place! She was in a mental institution For 5150 evaluation and that says alot about her mental instability. Anyone insane enough to marry her would need a psych evaluation as well!!


Wtf are you people talking about? Shes not frumpy, just normal.and shes definitley not fat! If shes fat what does that make the rest of the world? No wonder she went ape shit crazy, with people nitpicking everything she does and wears, i think i would go crazy too!


this chic got sooooo fat and ugly. What happened to her?????? her hands and nails are disgusting. she looks like she hasn't bathed in months.......


I admit too that she doesn't look as good as she used to... Well thats what drugs and alcohol does to you. I think her makeup looks fine its just her hair and clothes that are.....trashy looking.& she isn't super skinny anymore she actually looks healthy and she does have custody of her boys.I agree it looks like something out of a gumball machine i wouldn't wear it though, lol


I dont really think she should marry again right now. She needs to focus on her career. And why the hell does Kevin still have custody of the boys? She is still a semi~mess. She needs to get it together all the way around before thinkin of marriage. Love Brit and want to see her do well as she has been. But she needs to get custody of her boys, before marring again.


I looks like something from a gumball machine. Also judging by that picture, I can't understand how some people are saying she looks good. She looks just as bad as she did a few years ago. Horrible hair, makeup and clothes. She doesn't need to look like a beauty queen but she's just so messy looking and frumpy.

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