Bethenny Frankel: Rescued at Sea!

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Bethenny Frankel is okay, folks.

The reality star had a memorable weekend for all the wrong reasons, she admitted today, opening up about a sailing trip gone horribly wrong.

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Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy took off on a sailboat between Block Island and Nantucket on Saturday. It was meant to be a simple eight-hour adventure... but the GPS malfunctioned and "the captain had to call the Coast Guard and we were hit by a big wave," Frankel explained to E!." It was very scary. It was traumatic. Absolutely traumatic."

A Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed the experience and says the group of 10 was guided back to shore around 4 a.m.

"It was so scary. I was thinking, Oh, my God, Bryn! I'm not going to be there at six o'clock in the morning when she wakes up and she's going to wonder where Mommy is and gosh, if something were to happen to me, what would happen to her. I was having horrendous thoughts."

Fortunately, all returned home safe and sound - and in time for Frankel's E! True Hollywood Story to air on Wednesday night.



According to various reports and accounts, it seems this was a 'bareback' boat charter - no licensed commercial captain was on board. Therefore, it begs the question - why not? Since the charter was for commercial purposes - her Bravo TV network film production crew of SIX people - was aboard, thereby making this a business, not a personal trip (no matter what people THINK it was), it is plausible that a USCG licensed mariner should have been at the helm. For the record, despite common sense, I am a huge B fan and continue to be one.


Never one to shrink away from holding someone accountable - particularly if she was paying for the service - how come we have not a peep from B about holding the captain of her vessel accountable? That was VERY understanding, especially if he put her life in jeopardy by his lack of preparation for such a contingency. Did you notice that she didn't publicly complain - at all - about the captain and his lack of preparation for a 'GPS failure'? Maybe she didn't complain because she couldn't complain in good faith? After the incident and her return to Nantucket, she even tweeted that she was walking around the island feeling like a train hit her. Wouldn't most people simply scuttle a vacation trip and head back home or at least retreat to a hotel for a little R&R, saving roaming Nantucket for another time? Just 'sayin...


If you don,t like reality stars why do you watch reality t.v. and why would you be reading about Bethaney and her lovely family. I,m seeing a lot of green with envy. I really like her.


What a shock that a TV crew was there! None of it makes any sense. They should have known their position when the "wave took out the GPS", so did wait hours before calling the coast guard? and why can't a boat captain use a map and a compass to get home? It's all so obviously a publicity stunt.


Why don't I believe her?


If all these reality stars would disappear, one by one, the world would be a better place.


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