Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston: The Race to the Fake Altar!

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Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are not just planning to wed their respective partners, they're tripping over themselves to get married first!

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    ----WORD IS OUT!----

    Hollywood's been delivering retreads, soft porn,
    cultural incest, tech worship and ----endless
    predictive programming for the capstone EUGENICS

    JOLIE's now X---posed as a full blown member of the
    deadly sinister Rockefeller-Globalist CFR.

    She's also serving as a high profile ambassador for
    the unelected --private --corporate world banking and
    EUGENICS borg 'UN'.

    The 'KONY 2012' porpaganda was even funded by the unrepentant
    3rd generation Rockefeller EUGENIST, Bill Gates
    (himself at the heart of the GMO food Halocaust).

    "---WE SEEEEE you Angelina JO LEE! --and your're a MONSTER!
    ---------------------A MONSTER!---------------------."

    We do ---and SHE IS. . .


    First of all Jennifer is a better person.


    Jennifer is a boring and shallow person according to Brad and it proves him right coz Jennifer has been moving from one man to another, and men dumping her around. It seems its Brad's big mistake to marry her. That's why there is divorce coz one couldnt tell exactly the real attitude of a person unless you live with him/her.. Maybe Brad is just too dumb to marry her when all Jen's Men had been dumping her before rushing to the altar with her. Why??? Jennifer is a boring , self centered bitch that made her a very shallow person which Men of Substance cant tolerate.


    Bitches, drop it! I'm on no one's side on this. Before, mostly because I adored Jennifer Aniston in comedies and because I thought she was the victim in all this, I took her side and hated on Angelina. But puh-leeaaase. After reading loads of stuff about Angelina, I think she has better things to do than worry about girly, over dramatic crap like this. If she's a woman who think about bigger things like human rights, I bet she wouldn't give a fuck about this. These rumors are, what it appears to me, so freaking ridiculous. So bitches, just - drop - it.


    Please,please,please people stop blaming those women. They are so beautiful. Loving, caring. I think they deserve to be trated better. Those women are rich and they don,t give danm about you. Stop fighting , cursing each other over them. I would choose angie without ofended jen.


    Please, Please, Please, lets not get lust confused with love. Lust is about personal needs and manipulation, love is about letting someone go to live the life they desire, even to a point where a marriage must end so one does not feel trapped. Jen did the right thing to give brad he's freedom, would Angie do the same?


    Brad and Angie sadly did not believe in the vows of marriage, Jen did. I hope she does remarry, and finds a man that is so secure within himself, that he does not need to prove he's worth with multiple women, and multiple children. People who have affairs do so because of insecurities in themselves, but it's easy to blame someone else to rid themselves of guilt.


    I am happy that Jen still believes in the sanctity of marriage, and respects the vows taken. It's sad that Brad was so insecure that h


    I am happy that Jen still believes in the sanctity of marriage, and respects the vows taken. It's sad that Brad was so insecure that h


    Oh wow, there's no need to call Brad and Angelina names. They fell in love so what... I'm sure theres far worse then whats happened between the three of them. Magazines lie. They've all moved on and are happy.

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